First time grow box DIY needs help a-z

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  1. The box dimensions should be around 4 foot tall, 2 foot wide, and 2 foot deep.

    edit- how do I keep light out of the passive intake hole
  2. My list would be this.

    Party cups
    1gallon pot
    3 gallon pot
    Ffof soil
    Ffof line nutes
    Ph tester digital preferred
    4-6 6500k cfls
    6-10+ 2200k cfls
    A 100cfm fan(the cfm depends on size of grow room. Figure cubic area.then multiply it time 3. The answer is what vfm rating you need to effectively exhaust it. If your putting a carbon scrubber multiply whatever you got originally for your required cfm times 2 and that's what cfm rating you need with a scrubber)
    Clamp lights or some other way to mount lights and keep them mobile
    Whatever you'll use for your cab
    Something to measure humidity not sure what those are called.

    I may b missing a couple things...

  3. So 16cubic feet. You will need a 100cfm fan. The passive intakes could be holes you make then stick a PVC elbow in the hole to make a light trap
  4. That is awsome. Probably just missing mylar sheeting and maybe rockwool?

    I was going to build a frame for the lighting out of pvc.

  5. I would at least leave the closet door semi cracked. It shouldn't need much ventilation but it is the source of air for your cab so you want fresh air flowing in.
  6. ok great.
  7. never mind the rock wool, I understand that is for hydro

  8. So for the lighting we have discuss you think just one exhust fan with scrubber will do?

    And, lastly how do I address humidity problems that may come up?
  9. I've never used rockwool. Mylar or flat white paint for sure.

    Id do my lights with socket to mogul adapters. Four two by fours. Two power strips.and y adapters. You could probably get 5-6 lights per strip. Make a box with the two by fours. Drill q hole on two of the boards. Tie the powerstrip to a 2x4 feeding the cord through the holes. Put some hooks on top and a lil chain. You can even make it heat efficient. With a piece of sheet metal and a piece of Plexiglas glass.

    Put the metal ontop covering the opening. Drill it down. Drill the Plexiglases to the bottom. Now cut two holes one on each piece of 2x4 without the powerstrip. Make it 4" round. Attach 4"ducting on both sides. Run the other end of the ducting outside the cab. Put a fan pulling air out of the light box so it will pull cooler air in.

  10. The exhaust and scrubber are for fresh air intake and diffusing any smells the exhaust would push out.

    Humidity I don't know. You need to raise it contain the area and raise heat. Lowering it tho I'm unsure of. An issue I'm gonna have to figure out as well
  11. Bruce you have been totally great. I will start picking up all the stuff I need and putting it together asap. I will upload pic's of my progress. I hope other users will be able to benefit from my lack of knowledge and your expertise. Thank you very much. :hello:

    It also looks like this will be very helpful.

    So hopefully between both your detailed info and this link I will be able to get at least some success my first run.

    I could never buy off anyone; even if I knew them. Which basically means I have only been able to partake when ever the opportunity presents itself, or about once a year. This will really improve my quality of life.
  12. Glad to help I've been doing outdoor and o e indoor with an hps. I'm gonna try cfls now so I've read alot. And kamels cfls guide is a good one. I'm no expert just a fellow cannabis lover trying to learn as. Much as possible.

    Good luck with your grow I hope it turns out better than you hope
  13. Thanks same to you. :cool:
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    Ok after writing my plans out I have decided to build my own box out of wood. The box will be 3' tall by 3' wide and 2' to 2'6" deep. I will go with a lowryder auto flower in dirt. Most likely I will cover inside with flat white paint. I think I have the lighting part understood well enough to build my own set up. The pots and soil seem pretty straight forward, as does adding nutrients.

    However, the part I am running into problems with are the fans. I found plenty of cpu fans on amazon. The fans come with three prongs attached to wiring. Am I cutting off the the three prongs and re-wiring? And, if yes what do I wire these to? And, do I keep the fans running 24/7 or should placed on a timer to copy the lighting schedule?

    I will have one fan for exhaust and one for intake covered with some kind of home built light trap. Should I have two exhaust since the light traps will surely reduce the fans capacity?

    Lastly, does anyone know a site in europe where they have everything you need to for a DIY grow box? Like a one stop shop for the things I can not find on my own. Like I can not find these odor gels, and it might be easier to buy nutes and tester on-line, etc...
  15. 3 x 3 x 2.5 grow area needs a fan(with a scrubber) rated at 135 CFM

    that fan looks giant..... i wouldn't get it.. there's computer fans all over the next that work just as well with a 20 dollar radio shack adjustable power supply

    so.... get the largest computer fan you can get and the adjustable power supply and if you make your own carbon filter... you should be set

    when you make your own filter your going to have to make sure the carbon is as thin as possible so it does not restrict air flow but still scrubs the air

    now....... if your grow area is 3 x 3 x 2.... you need a fan that moves 108 cfm's... thats also with a scrubber..... that six inches of room makes a difference... then your giant fan would work, but on full blast(but it says its silent)
  16. Ok. Than I found a few 135+ cfm fans and I will look into the adjustable power supplies. I like the idea that if I have guests I could turn down the power/noise whilst they are there. I have seen some videos on DIY scrubbers. So that will be one more thing to look into further. It is not easy finding products here like it is in the states.

    How about intake fan. Will I need to be 135+ cfm on that as well or could I get buy with smaller?

    I think the scrubber will act as a light trap for the exhaust? But should I add to the cfm's to compensate for any light trap that I add to intake?

  17. no intake fan.. or you will have smell... one fan will suffice
  18. OK great. I am guessing that I should still have a vent of some sort for fresh air to enter. How about oscillating fan on the plants them selves?
  19. I know I am making a few changes to the plan but now I am thinking of going led.

    here is what I came across. I have followed a few grow logs using LED and I feel it is more appropriate for my needs. I don't mind paying a few extra bucks on lights.

    Here is one of the grow logs I followed on LED growing. Sensi > Cannabis Forum: New LED grow -

    And, here are a few new 2010 LED lights that are on ebay. I know that they offer these lights as being used with hydro, but I do not see any issues with using them for dirt. The product I am looking at is the 240w. gotham products items - Get great deals on Home Garden items on eBay UK!

    I will probably still go with the suggested 135 cfm exhaust or larger with a carbon scrubber (home made if I can find all the odds and ends where I live).

    I will start purchasing hardware for my grow box this weekend.

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