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First time grow - Autoflower anomoly?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by buzzibuds, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I'm a first time medical grower in the great state of Washington , went all out
    and aquired 14 clones at once (white russian, white widow and Pineapple kush) a month ago , following my first Purple Kush clone I got started 2 months ago. (She's a monster now in 10 Gallon container) -- The 14 newer ones are all in
    2 gallon , using 70% ocean Foxfarm soil mixed with 30% sunshine #4 ... Waited 3 weeks till starting all the plants on Ph Perfect sensi A+B grow ...

    Anyway, besides some slight nute burn and lumen burn (a couple plants leaves bleached and occasionally browning to crisp/burning off of leaves on most plants -- I've been able to make proper adjustments and plants are thriving .... Growing in 3 tents, Keeping two plants as future mothers under 90 watt LED + 150watt T5, The other two tents each have a 400watt HPS and a 130-170 WATT LED...

    I've never seen cannabis plants up close before this grow - so it's all very new to me. Getting to my question, I noticed something odd with one of my White Russians a week or two ago , It looked a little stringy at all it's heads. I figured it was just what that strain was supposed to look like... Anyway, yesterday, after vegging everything for nearly 5 weeks under 24 hour HPS and LEDs, I decided to throw everything into 12:12 ... Taking a close look at that one White Russian, I'm beginning to realize it's starting to flower already! Small popcorn stringy bud sites all over it .. I may take and post pictures later (it's light off period ATM) -- Just wondering if you guys had any idea if this is "autoflowering" and if it's happening because of some stress that I put it through? Heat control has been an issue. Right now canopy is at an acceptable 85 degrees. I'm using Exhale C02 bags in both of my flower tents. ...Also very high humidity until a few days ago when I purchased a good dehumidifier -- keeping it down below 50% relative humidity now.

    I wonder how long this girl will last in 12:12 -- I suspect not near as long as the 60 days I plan to push my other girls. Would be exciting to have some smoke sooner than I had originally planned on! :)
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by stringy but im amusing your referring to a plant that has just begun to flower (the strings being the first pistols and sugar leaf tips - this is completely normal.

    If the plants are more mature than this then it sounds like your refering to "foxtailing" - I believe this is caused by a lack of blue - are you using an old HPS bulb?

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