first time grow attempt--check it out and let me know how im doing

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  1. here it is my first time trying to grow, i put a seed to germinate for about 30hrs or so until the root was nice and strong. then i planted it in some soil i got at the local nursery (not miracle gro) and i watered the soil before i put the seed in so it would be moist. i stuck it under a 14 (not 13) watt cfl i had laying around and i put it about 1 inch apart from the ground and yesterday it had already sprouted up after only 1 day and today i checked up on it this morning and to me it looks healthy and strong and also the soil was dry so i watered it until water dripped from the bottom and stuck it rite back under the light. so what do you think, how am i doing?:)

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  2. Looks like you're doing great man. It's just that easy
  3. to give em a boost, easily remove the seed cover
  4. Thanks Guys. And Ill Sure Do That Eliberate
  5. Looking good so far, I know you're just learning yet basically. but a good idea is to usually aim for a 2 plant minimum from seed, just incase one is male. I sometimes use something like a toothpick or safety pin to help any stragglers that haven't broken out of shell within like a day.

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