First time grow, 5 days in. Thoughts?

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    Hello, fellow growers! As the title says, this is my first grow. I'm a bit stoned right now, so please bare with me. I'll explain everything I've done so far.

    The seeds were purchased from a very popular (and amazingly helpful) company. I chose the white widow and the amnesia haze, both autos. For a beginner, I decided to go the "safe" route.

    The seeds were delivered in about 4 business days, since I paid expedited shipping, at a whopping price of $30-35. This did, however, guarantee the seeds would make it to me, one way or the other - re-shipping if detained at customs. The seeds were hidden very well in a cd case; I cant imagine the seeds ever being seized anyways.

    The soil was purchased from amazon. I went with the fox farms fx140000 potting soil, a gogrow v3 master 1000 watt - 12 band full spectrum grow light, for my seedlings and for the veg stage. Once they move to flower, I'll have a Vivosun hydroponic 1000 watt hps mh grow light with an air cooled reflector kit that I will put in place of the LED. The grow tent is a 60x60x60, line with the Mylar material.

    Now to the grow!

    I dropped the seeds in a couple different water bottles (bottled of course). After 24 hours, I put them in paper towel, and stuck them between a couple plates in my spare bathroom upstairs. After about 24 hours, the amnesia haze had cracked, and I could see a white "tail" starting to creep out. Since the white widows took nearly 48 hours to open, I was worried I had a bad bunch. After about 24 hours of both strains cracking, all 11 seeds I germinated were ready for planting. Unfortunately, 2 of them didn't make it to the surface and died.

    The water I use is ph tested and altered to be in between 6.0 and 6.5. This includes all water that is introduced into the grow environment (humidifier and watering devices).

    The air is constantly being recycled. With the exhaust fan on the lowest setting, I can keep humidity levels right around 55% (relative). All temperatures and humidity levels are checked in a shady spot (ambient). I did the hand test (radiant) and the heat didn't seem too warm, so I'm fairly certain the lights are at a good distance. At 78-81 degrees Fahrenheit, I believe the ambient temperature and relative humidity numbers are ideal. Please let me know if I'm mistaken.

    Once the plants reach the veg stage, I plan on using fox farms fx14049 liquid nutrient soil (big bloom, grow big, and tiger bloom), as indicated in their recommended user instruction guide. And as soon as they grow to be about the size of the cups, I'll move them to a 3 gallon pot, then to a 5 gallon pot.

    I will post pics as close to daily as possible.

    For now, I have the first 5 days documented. Please let me know what you think about my youngin's.

    Disclaimer: the plants were watered a couple hours before pictures were taken.

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    Hey mate welcome to the world of growing mn ;) looks like girls are starting nicely and chose nice strains to love the widow autos there great just curious though why did you buy the second 1000w mh/hps setup? Just curious as the 1000w full spectrum v3 will cover all stages seedling/veg and flower verry nicely n looks to produce quiet nice results from pics I've seen
  3. Thanks for looking at my journal! From what I read, yields are much higher using an hps light, as opposed to an LED. How confident are you that the v3 full spectrum will yield same (or better) results than the HPS? I would much rather run the LED (cost, heat, elec usage) for the entirety of the grow.

  4. IMG_0282.JPG So I seem to have an exhaust or some other issue. I watered my seedlings yesterday, then again this morning. Finally, I decided that maybe I was doing them more bad than good by overwatering them. Tonight I look at them and they are drying up already, looking like taco shells. The heat is nowhere near hot to the hand, so I don't think they are being baked. Also, if I continue to water them on a 12-hour schedule, they seem to be happy. The humidity level, mid tent, is about 55%. Perhaps the fan I have should be pointing up, rather than horizontal with the ground?

    Oh, the soil was completely dry, I had just given them a nice drink.

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  6. Thank you! I shall continue with what I'm doing. :)

  7. There lookin good so far man :)
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  8. Be careful with transplanting autos! They are said to yield a lot less and occasionally stop growing after a transplant. The shock after a transplant is a lot different from a regular photo plant. If I were you, I'd put the girls in the biggest pot you plan on using. Give those juicy roots some room to grow! Haha subbed tho!
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  9. Definitely limit your transplanting of autos. If you are going with 5 gal as your final pots, transplant into those. When they get a little bigger, put right into the 5s. Most people don't use solo cups for autos and just start the seeds into the final pot. A couple more thing on autos. Be careful with your training. Usually most growers only LST their plants. Topping and supercropping generally isn't recommended. Since autos just flower when they are ready, aggressive training can stunt growth and reduce yield. And many will tell you that autos aren't the safe bet. They can be very finicky. But, so far so good. IMO 9 plants may be a little much for the tent depending on how big they get. Even some autos can grow to a decent size. Good luck. I'm subbing up.
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  10. Thank you, Hizenburgh! I will heed your advice. After doing a bit more research, you are right - they are going straight into the 3 gallon pots and then they are going to stay there. Since they are smaller, I think 3 gallon pots will be fine.
  11. Thanks, bud! I'm really happy I decided to start this journal. Any and all advice will be welcomed with open arms.
  12. I agree with the notion to LST if you plan on training at all. You also get a lot of control and security if you decide to LST. HST or trimming/picking leaves all tend to slow or stunt the plant.
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  13. Also, if you aren't experienced with trimming or HST you could hurt your plants.
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  14. I'll give you 4 pieces of advice. #1 LITFA. Leave it the Fuck alone. One of the best pieces of advice given too me. Just let them do their thing. Let them dictate what needs to be done and when. #2 Don't over water. This is probably the #1 mistake of noobs. #3 research before you are ready for the next phase. Don't ask for advice after something is done. Have a basic idea before you do something. Training, nutes, etc. #4 watch as many videos and read as many grow journals as possible. If you read a lot of journals, you will see many issues that can arise and how to handle them. And feel free to offer up any advice or tips to me . We are all here to learn and help each other. :gc_rocks:
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  15. Could not have been worded better ^
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  16. I really appreciate it! You guys really help ease a lot of anxiety.
  17. I'll tell ya something. Don't stress. It's just a plant. Short of cutting the stem in half, there isn't much that these plants can't handle. They bounce back quite well. I know that this is a new venture for you and can be intimidating growing your own medicine. You don't want to screw up. But like I said, let the plant tell you what it needs. And learning to read the plant properly is probably the toughest part. Oh. Another thing. Try to post pics with natural light. Turn off the blurple. If you are trying to diagnose an issue and asking fellow blades to help, more often than not, they will ask for pics with natural light.
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  18. Like they say don't top them or don't suppercrop them lol I've been growing autos for last 2 runs now n do exactly same things do to photos now with a lot better results than just planting in final pot and leaving them last run did an experiment n planted a healthy Bluetooth in its final pot n yielded 1.5 oz yet took another one transplanted it 3 times supercroped whole plant multiple times and topped main colas it took 3 weeks longer to finish than its sister and yielded over 7oz
    They actually recover faster than photos do and respond a lot quicker I now supercrop and transplant all autos with better results than just doing what seed bank says lol
  19. You will also now find videos of other grower doing all the things you "shouldn't do to autos" who also say the same thing lol
  20. I currently have a new journal started in which il once again be growing a single auto this time white widow max and will be once again doing heavy suppercroping and probly end up having to top at certain point if anyone wishes to see what happens :) it's all about timing
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