first time grow, 125w cfl and 60x60x140 tent.

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  1. right ladies and gentlemen, this is my first grow! i welcome you all to add any comment/criticism etc as its the only way for me to become a better grower!

    the seed is of an unknown strain, got from a mate who got them from a grower but forgot what the strain was! i germinated 3 seeds, all of which started - but when i put them in soil only 1 managed to make a break for the light.

    started in small, 2" pot and have now moved 'it' into a 5" pot which it seems to be loving an has burst into life! i have been using biobizz soil for this, and also have biobizz nutes - but have been advised of a feeding schedule different to what biobizz recommends, so will be using that.

    plant is now roughly two weeks old - and it seems like everyday i wake up theres a whole new set of leaves!

    i intend to leave it in veg for another 2 weeks, then switch it to 12/12. aiming for a harvest (guestimate) at the 2nd/3rd week of january.

    enough rambling, heres the pictures - it was growing straight up, then one morning i awoke to find it bent over. maybe its being kind and LST'ing itself for me!

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  2. i'm not fussed if nobody reads this, but it'll help me keep track of it properly....

    its now 4 weeks since i germinate the seeds, and it's looking a bit short for 4 weeks growth! although i am pretty damn sure its an indica dominant strain, possibly ruderalis aswell, but dont know if that would cause auto-flowering?

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  3. I think the middle of Jan next year may be a little too early
    I had some 60 Day Wonders from DNA Genetics and the only thing that was close to 60 days was the flowering time alone and that went over to 9 nearly 10 weeks to complete

    Keep going and don't knock them for being a little smaller than you expected at this time
    When the flowering/growth spurts come you will be like :eek:

    Hate not knowing what genetics I have because of all the little differences in nutrient level concentrations, days for flowering, and the heights that they could reach
    Since I grow indoors I need to know how tall to expect the plants to be as I have a tent that limits this

    Knowing these things a head of time will help you plan better for whats to come and prepare for any deficiencies that the plant may be more prone to.


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