First Time Grow 1 Week Into Flower

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by jacKc87, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Hey gc so ive tried my first grow I have 3 white widows and one chronic all lovly girls. Have had a few problems along the way as ya can see by the pics.
    I have just trimmed the underneath as these were real bushy...
    In total they had 1 week seedling 4 weeks veg and ther 1 week into flowering

    Advice and comments welcome

    How do you think there looking and is there anyway I can improve

    Cheers guys

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  2. They look real good bro. Curious what breeder they are. I've got an auto ak 47 which is being chopped tomorrow, I have some seedsman white widows I was going to start with my new led light. What kind of set up do you have I.E. lights, nutes etc.
  3. Solid plants nice work keep it up!
  4. Patience is key. Don't rush harvest. Buds will grow together at tops. Your patience will be rewarded.


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