First time gro MG LST ADVICE!!

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    First post first grow​
    600whps all the way through
    Dinafem og kush,dinafem white widow, dinafem cheese , fruit auto and ammnesia original auto
    Humboldt seeds chocolate mint og, bubba kush, train wreck
    Theyre all four and five weeks old, the plants at the back are random windowcill plants grown badly for a month, one is huge and showing female flowers one is stunted badly others are recovering from undernuting,which is the opposite of what i worried about!
    Theyve been on18/6 for 4 weeks six days and at first i was worrying about having a shitty yield , now im looking at the amount of tops on the "good seed " plants and worrying where am i gonna flower these girls . All in miracle gro with miracle gro nutes to, anyone got an idea if i flower now average yield for plants these sort of size, so many tops its unreal!! Any advice would be ace its my forst gro i did so many cos everyone told me they would come out crap!!
  2. Let me upload picturessss!!!
  3. Thanks man yeah its letting me select the files and pictures but not uploading them man :(
  4. Try using the tapatalk app if you aren't already, had similar sounding issues with the gc us all curious!!

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  5. Its not the app im on iphone, im selecting them and then its saying no file selected however i think ive got it covered ​

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  6. What should i expect if i flip them this lind of size theyre in 13l pots and all very even canopy? I dunno wether to expect an oz or four off each? Lolol , im well ocd to lst and topping was fun !!
  7. Ive got 30-50 tops , i know it sounds silly but its not like theyre gonna produce like a gram of bud each is it, so im guessing im on for a better yield than i thought as would of been happy with an o per plant tbh but i got 15 i think abd four are 9 weeks
  8. I just put some above if you guys fancy commenting ? Gonne just let them grow upwards now realy as theyre pinned to the floor like hedges lol
  9. Sorted some mate look above :)
  10. Well glad you got the pics uploaded! It's going to be a jungle in there! I would definitely flip them lol. I'm a noob myself just working on my 2nd grow and well I waiting too long for my small cab and it was packed!! Barely worked out. They look healthy though!! People will be back around work, school & daily lives get in the way of our hobbies lol.

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  11. If you LOOK... in a PALE button... it says FULL SIZE...
    Go back , hit edit and look at it again....

    In the future... You'll know to find it

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  12. Ah man ive spent a good two hours a night in here tying everything exposing everything i think ive learned alot from this site mainly, but gotta be honest ive not seen a single plant that looks like mine at this age or size with this many tops and have no idea what to expect yield wise ?
  13. Mg can work if your careful it's not the best but you can use it I find it gets depleted in about 2 months of veg then you can flower safely

    Big brother is watching
  14. I picked through every square inch of soil by hand and took out all slow relase capsules and added back a fofth and am now uaing the all purpose feed, they seemed slow at half strength, and showing n defeciency so went to full and theyre lapping it up with every feed ! Just no idea of an average yield for a plant like this size if i flower now :(
  15. It was cheap, easily accesible and not to strange to purchase infront of my regular buildars yard which i use often, and i think it shows you can have a minimum budget and some basic knowledge and still have half decent plants but hey , ive never grown a normal height plant so i dont know ahit about growing yet :)
  16. Bump? Im curious is each one of them tops gonna produce like a gram of weed or produce like a proper main cola? Help? Im trying to hazard a guess at yield off of plants with 30 tops, let growing in height during flower ???
  17. Most of your tops will be main colas
  18. Had a male to cut down today, fuck knows how many possible tops but thank god for the extra flower room

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