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First time grinder user need hepl thx

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Angel_Dust, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. so i just bought a grinder(it's got two chambers top and bottom).The top screws of and it's got a bunch of spikes. the bottom has spikes pointing up with a screen under them. then you got the other screw off part at the bottom of that one. My Question is " If I'm Smokieng out of a bong should i grind it up?" which then brings me to my next question which should of been my first question...." what are all the benifits of a grinder?" . i think it makes hash but i have no idea what hash really is or why people prefere it if they even prefere it. i knmow im soppuse to grind it up if i roll a joint just curious about the bong question and the other one.

    remember i'm really really new at this so please don't be an ass hole

    thx for any help thats given

    Angel Dust
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    Using a grinder is just easier than breaking buds up by hand. Also, ground up bud tends to be finer and more consistent size wise. The part below the screen collects kief - the broken off trichomes from your weed.
  3. Yes, you should grind up your weed to use in your bong, it'll be a lot easier to cherry the bowl than using a whole nug. If you don't have a screen in your bowl, be sure not to grind up all of your weed, and just take a little nug and use it to cover the hole and put your ground weed on top of it.

    Grinders are great for a couple reasons:
    1) You don't have to use your hands or scissors and a shot glass anymore; it's convenient
    2) Grinds weed to a pretty constant consistency that's always perfect for bowls/joints etc...
    3) Kief catchers are one of the main reasons people use grinders. It's kind of unfortunate that you didn't buy a grinder with one. A kief catcher is a screen that your ground weed falls onto, and there's another compartment under it. The crystals that fall off your ground weed are "caught" in this compartment, thanks to the screen. After grinding up a lot of weed, you'll have accumulated a lot of kief as well. You can either press this into hash, top off a bowl with it, or whatever. Kief gets you high as helll.

    There are plenty more benefits I'm sure, but I'm pretty sure this answers most of what you were looking for.
  4. yea man definately use the grinder for a bong. not only is it easier and more convienent (sp?) you'll be able to take bigger rips cause it'll burn a bit faster ground up. i hope this makes sense im pretty stoned:smoke:
  5. grinders FTW! if you dont have a grinder yet, go without bud for 2 or 3 days and save that money to buy a grinder with a keif catcher...

    and yes you definately want to grind up the bud to use in a bong..*i hate when people just pop a nug in there bowl and fire away, can you get any lazier?*

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