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  1. Me and a group of friends decided to plan a trip to Colorado last November around Thanksgiving break to Breckenridge to ski. Living in Texas, weed still hasn't been legalized so I was excited AF going to a dispensary for the 1st time. 1st thing we do when we land in Denver is hit up a dispensary on our way to Breckenridge. I felt like a kid in a candy store, so much weed and it was all LEGAL to buy. I couldn't contain my excitement and kept asking the "budtenders" so many questions. Have any of yall ever been to any dispensaries and share your first time stories going to one? 

  2. Yeah, the first time I went, I'm pretty sure I'm sure they thought I looked like an idiot. haha. I just rambled mindlessly and was so nervous. 
  3. For some reason i was really nervous to the last dispensary i went to. The first time i went to one i was pretty nervous but it went away fast. But yesterday i went to a closer one and i was really nervous lol. I just kept looking around, moving a lot, kind a stuttering too lol, mostly because the dude was really chill and we actually conversated which surprised me cuz the last two weren't really social, they were just "yeah, oh, yeah man". twas tight indeed.
  4. I love my dispensary the people there are very nice and respectful. Right as I walk in to get my ticket the people behind the counter start busting me up saying "Don't worry we got a nice Sativa waiting for ya" Lol they crack me up because they know that's mainly what I'm looking for when I go in.
  5. First time I ever went to a dispensary was a gig with my band. I don't remember whether or not we played well that night, but the small crowd of about 2 dozen people was one of the most appreciative audiences of my career. :)
  6. telluride Colorado with my mother
    as all women are she was flattered when they asked for her ID lol
    was about 4-6 strains
    budtenders were definitely high (which I wasn't fond of, just be a little professional, but I digress lol)
    as soon as I stepped in we got hit in the face with that wonderful reefer smell
    got a G of Durban poison, most unique smelling bud I have ever come across
    tried to get my mom to buy an edible for herself but to no avail
  7. Just like buying cigs from a gas station man nothing to get to nervous or anxious about. U got the money it's all good
  8. I ended up having to wait 30+ minutes for some idiots from Texas to make up their mind the first time at a rec store. Other than that it really wasn't any big deal. Bought two edibles and two prerolls. The edibles were good but the prerolls were some of the worst tasting weed I have smoked. The potency was ok, but it tasted like Mexican dirt weed. I think they roll those things out of the shake and trim no one would buy if it was in a jar.
    Yeah, they do. That's what most of them use to roll the j's they give away for free.
  10. That is what I suspected. They kind of looked offended when I went back and they had a penny preroll deal and I told them no thank you.
  11. Moved to CO  6mo ago, and as soon as I touched down, a dispensary visit was high on the list (after finding somewhere to live n stuff lol)  For some reason I was nervous too! (Didn't know much back then) I guess it's such a new concept and I didn't know the process or certain lingo. :) Nobody likes feeling stupid!
    Pet peeve no. 1 is dealing with rude/snooty budtenders who seem uninterested in helping you.  
    I love going to dispensaries where employees are dressed nice, some manager is over there in a sportscoat, budtenders are pleasant and cheerful, place is clean and bright. Some places are so sketch..  
    Never go to dispensaries nowadays tho. I  grow. Husband takes care of that ish.  

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