First Time Getting Really High

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What Grade Were You In When You First Got High?

  1. 7 or lower

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  2. 8

  3. 9

  4. 10

  5. 11

  6. 12

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  7. After High School

  8. I've never gotten high

  1. When I was in grade 10, I was down at the lake and found a dimebag on the ground so I took it home. I went to my friends house that night and we walked to some house party. This was the first party I've ever been to and the first time I got really high as well. We waited for someone to come who had weed on them so my friend could smoke as well (since I had 1g I found at the lake). Eventually someone came and my friend bought 2g. We rolled a 3G blunt and smoked it. I was mega stoned and we immediately walked inside and sat on the couch and just stared at everyone.

    Then some stoner who was taking a nap in the basement comes up and invites me to smoke with him. (I knew him from school but not very well) I smoke another half gram from his bong and I was just done for the night.

    When the party was winding down, around 2 AM, me, my friend, the girl who threw the party, and two other girls ordered a pizza. I saw the delivery guy through the window and told everyone that someone was trying to break in. Then when we were eating I saw the receipt for the pizza and thought it was the Krabby Patty secret recipe.

    Then before we left the girl asked my friend and I to take the garbage bags filled with beer cans and stuff to the garbage so her parents wouldn't find out about the party.

    My friend and another guy who was sober walked around her neighbour hood for 20 minutes looking for a garbage before we realized there was a park literally right in front of her house. We then put the garbage bags in the garbage can at a park and it made the loudest noise ever and we thought we woke up the entire neighbourhood.

    We walked back to my friends house, ate ice cream and went to bed. It was an amazing night.
  2. Wow...what grade are you in now?
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  3. you are a BEASTTTTTT stoner bro

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