first time getting laid regularly no strings attached

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  1. How do I play this one ya'll? I have heard some disaster stories from friends, and some say that it was really fucking awesome. I talked to the chick, she said she would be around for a few months longer and down to have some fun for the time being. I know her pretty well, but we didn't really go into details about our arrangement. All I know is that there will be no steady relationship outside of our physical interactions (according to her) as a result of our time spent together, which I am cool with.

    The biggest concern I have and the thing I heard most from my friends is one of us may end up wanting more then just sex. She seemed pretty adamant about the "no relationship" clause, but I know how these things often end up.

    Any tips?

  2. Don't talk to her unless you're horny.

    Don't stay long after you hookup.

  3. fuck her hard and fast and leave shortly afterwords
  4. As long as you can hold up to your end of things then go for it. But if you think you might get attached then I wouldn't.
  5. Well if she's that adamant about no relationship, then she's probably got a boyfriend or some kind of crush wherever she's headed off to.. or else she just doesn't want to build a short relationship. Either way I don't think you have to worry about it on her end - just don't try to get it too much haha.
  6. Hahah word, I got that feeling too but felt like it really wasn't any of my business.
  7. And if you're not trying to build a relationship, the less you know the better. :D
  8. You get it out in the beginning that it's just sex. I was at a strip club and a dancer and I got to talking like a lot and we exchanged number because we both want to get laid.

    (conversation on the phone)

    "This is nothing to us." I said.

    "Nothing? It's something all right." She replied.

    "Well, I mean it's just smoking and fucking." I explained.

    "It is what it is." She laughed. "When is good for you?"

    "Next Thursday into Friday."
  9. had one of these last summer... got a few cracks at it

    went to a movie one time.. that she paid for :p

    got asked the "what are we" after getting dropped off


    too wet pussy man.. gross shit.
  10. cum on her face when you hit that the first time mang....assert your dominance
  11. ^^^
    golden advice... try to get some cum up her nostrils too

  12. Hahahah if she is game I guess...pretty sure she is a little submissive as it is :smoke:

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