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First time getting high

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by DeletedUsername123, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Technically it would be my 2nd time but the first time I didn't really know how to inhale and didn't exactly enjoy it, so I've decided to try hash brownies. My friends is going to make some for me and I have a few questions.
    1. Should I eat it on a full or empty stomach, to get the best high and feel the effects faster?

    2. Do they make your eyes red? And if they do should I put eye drops in before and after. And is there anyway to to substitute eye drops?

    3. How long do they last? How can I keep them fresh longer? I don't care as much about the brownies taste as long as the pot still does it's job.

    4. This is just a general weed question but, is there anyway to make the high less intense once it's started? In case of some kind of emergency.

    Thanks for all help!
  2. 1) Empty, then pig out on munches

    2)Fucking way red (At least for me) Can't think of a substitute for eye drops. Just put some eye drops in like 30 minutes after you eat it.

    3)Don't even worry about it, they'll be fine for a good bit. And the longer the sit it might increase the potency by just a bit (but it probably won't be too noticeable).

    4)Not really, but keeping yourself distracted might help. Take a shower or something. Just try your best to remain calm. Remember no one has ever died on weed! That should be pretty comforting.
  3. Thanks and by number 4 I meant more on the emergency of say a cop randomly ringing my doorbell (can't think of a more realistic situation)
    Also, what's the best food to eat when high?
  4. [quote name='"BobTheBeast"']Thanks and by number 4 I meant more on the emergency of say a cop randomly ringing my doorbell (can't think of a more realistic situation)
    Also, what's the best food to eat when high?[/quote]

    It's mostly practice with acting straight, you get good at hiding it after awhile. Enjoy your first time though man, go somewhere for 4 hours with your friends where you can get as silly as you want.

    Snack foods of any kind work best for munchies
  5. for 4 if you need to get as much unhigh as possible in an emergency just smack yourself in the face and shake your head around and take deep breaths
  6. If a cop does ring your doorbell, you don't have to answer.
  7. It was just an example, I don't feel like thinking of anything better.
  8. Does a good bit include 2+ weeks? It shouldn't take that long but that'd be the longest.
  9. hmmm if you're gunna keep em that long freeze em mmabey or fridge? if you have to just zip lock em somewhere .... hash brownies for a first time should be intense hahaha have fun bro, hit me back with how it went, im thinking about using edibles for a friend, its gunna be their first time soon. have fun!!!! and you'll be high, dont eat more brownies if munchies occur, you'll be way too high, but you might like it if you're a glutton for punishment.

  10. Idk I'm too high to answer that right now. I'll answer tomorrow.
  11. they can last for months in the freezer, in a ziplock bag in the fridge they will taste stale after 2 weeks, but probably still edible

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