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First time getting high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mhmmm, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. So my friend wants me to get high with him. I decided to try it once but there is a huge problem i also have work and live on a military base so to go anywhere else i have to drive past the cops. What do you all think. Should i just go for it or just say no and try for it another time. Either way if i do it i will end up driving past the cops.
  2. Is there any reason you can't just drive past them? seems like the best option to me
  3. if you're able, hang out with your friend at his place for the afternoon or evening, you'll be sober enough to drive home later on. i'd say go for it. enjoy, if you decide to! :D
  4. Nope you gotta stop hand them your ID card then you have a chance at getting chosen for a random inspection.
  5. ask the cops to smoke with you. <-----best idea
  6. Eye-drops and axe.
  7. just put in eyedrops, dont bring anything illegal back with you. take a shower before you head back aswell, shouldnt be any problem.
  8. One day, some day soon...You will look back on this post and say to yourself "what in the fuck?!":cool:
  9. Get high with your friend... leave the stuff at his house... drive past the cops. If they search you, you don't have anything on you...
  10. Dude .. .. drops, gum, spray .. .. so what your going to do is:smoke: then :smoking:more till you:hippie:then turn those tunes on and :metal:leave your friends(approximately 2-4 hours after last smoke) but make sure to :wave: get your cool face on for the po po. :cool:get inside and pass the fuck out!:yay:

    yeah sativas do wierd shit to me. :cool:
  11. If you have nothing on then you then it's no problem. Blaze away.
  12. #12 Kush Wizard, Aug 4, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 4, 2011
    I see no reason why you shouldn't give weed a try, certainly it's not for everyone but there's no harm in seeing what it's all about if you're 18. Hell, I'm personally ok with experimenting even for little kids. Most of us on this site were probably using the plant way before we were adults (although I didn't much.)

    If you're worried about the cops on the drive home, see if you can crash at a friend's house after you've sampled the herb just in case you don't sober up enough to go home. It probably won't come to that but having a backup plan will give you peace of mind to enjoy the experience more. And if you have to wake up early for work, that's always much easier to do off a couch than a bed.

    As for getting high itself, most peoples' descriptions of the feeling don't do it justice. It's like trying to describe a smell, it's a unique sensation even if its component chemical effects in the brain can be triggered in many other ways. Lots of people enjoy it, some people don't. Just don't go in expecting euphoria or a life-changing experience and you'll be fine.

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