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  1. Okay so I'm getting my girlfriend high for her first time. I don't want to just get her high, I want to give her the full experience. I have 2.5 grams to work with and I've got a bong, pipe, steam roller, and rolling papers. How should I split this for the most fun?

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  2. Let her take 2 hits from a pipe or something. Won't need much
  3. Roll her a .5g joint. If she's not high after that, let her take a bong rip.
  4. I think the Doc is right. On her first time a couple hits from a pipe are gonna launch her into deep space. Hopefully she enjoys it.
  5. Have water at arms reach for when cotton mouth hits lol
  6. the first time i smoked it was with some every day stoners. i ended up smoking 3 large bowls and a joint with 4 people though one dropped out. i ended up having to go home(across the st) because i was spinning too hard and i vomited and promptly passed out. i wished i had smoked less. 
    some tips
    - start small on the bowl. it will be intense and the effect she will get will be a bit different from yours. ask if she wants to smoke more after you think it has hit its peak
    -be in a place that is well ventilated. she may feel dizzy or spinny and hotboxing a room may amplify the effects too much
    -try to have her eat a little bit beforehand
    -if you smoke cigs dont do it around her---this one is weird because for me its great after a bowl but when i was first breaking in my receptors it made me violently ill just smelling 2nd hand
  7. First time high?
    That means...first time high sex! Yeah baby!
    Get some candles, buy some fresh salmon or a steak to whip up a nice meal, get a movie, and let science take over afterwards.
    So you talk a bit then move onto a bong rip.
    Then, the munchies kick in, so get in that kitchen bruh! And obviously we need a side dish and a salad; not difficult. Maybe >half< a glass of wine for her. We don't want the full synergistic effect exploding for a first time user.
    Then ease into the movie.
    While watching the movie, hit up a joint.
    After, well, if I have to explain the "after," you're doing something wrong.
    Play your cards right and you'll be having sex for 2.5 hours, for that 2.5 grams. 
  8. Sex is too awesome when your high...
    I recommend Arjuns Haze
  9. I'm kinda jealous. I wish I could experience my first time smoking again. That zero tolerance high>>>>>>>>
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    My first time smoking we smoked out of everything known to man and we smoked all night, listened to music and just hung out and it couldn't have been a better experience! Just make sure you have plenty of time for her to enjoy it and not have to worry about sobering up or being home or work!

    Don't be jealous. Just start growing someday. 
    When you have medical grade cannabis, every time you smoke you'll get really fucked up  :smoking:
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    Couple small hits from bong or pipe. Make sure she inhales properly. And if she isn't feeling it DO NOT keep smoking. That means it'll hit her in a bit. If she insists that she doesn't feel it, wait about 20 min. Or else she might smoke to much before the effects kick in and she gets greened out.
    LOL I actually bought seeds a long time ago and attempted to grow -- complete failure. That's actually how I found this forum looking for tips etc. I still have seeds left -- I think Northern Lights and B. Kush. I may read up carefully and attempt again or find someone I can trust w/ the know how and patience to take care of them. 
  14. I wouldn't recommend trusting anyone with knowledge that you're growing unless it's a significant other, well I guess it depends on your state.

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