"First time getting high" thread

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Zedstomper, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Everyone has a funny story the first time they actually got high.

    My first time I listened to angels & airwaves and I could actually feel my insides... I dont know I was just really happy.

    Also say hi to me im new.
  2. when i took my first hit of marijuana i instantly became addicted to heroin and developed uncontrollable urges to murder.
  3. My first time was in middle school, I was 14. With two people who are still my friends, one of which was the dealer at the time.

    So we're all smoking a "dro blunt" which I had no idea what dro meant at the time and didn't care to ask.

    About half way through both of them say they're too high and they're done. I'm more "WTF I don't feel shit" so I finish the other half of the damn thing myself.

    As soon as I stood up I was higher than a motherfucker.

    I decided to walk back to school from the dealers house while both of them stayed at his house.

    I got lost as fuck, and by the time I made it back to school I was watching the busses leave.

    Had to call my mom for a ride home. She wanted me to go to some doctors appointment, I told her no I was too sick and then pretended to sleep all the way home.

    Got home, went to bed.
  4. The first time I got high I felt like one of those ******s in the fruit gushers commercial with the huge heads
  5. buddy, angels and airwaves is one of my favourite bands. That sounds like you had an absolutely awesome first experience, as did I. I was sitting with my brother, who I had barely seen between the ages of 16 - 19. We missed out on growing up together, then I ended up doing what at the time I thought was pretty 'grown up' with him - smokin a fat ole Jay out on the road of our neighbourhood! It was badass!

    I'm new too, what uppppp
  6. The first time I got high I would get this happy rush in my body and randomly throw my arm in the air and laugh.
  7. I made a firecracker the first time I ever got high. It was intense and it seemed to last a whole day..lol.
    I think it was a gram or a bit more of bud in the firecracker.

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