First time getting high stories.

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  1. Well, i couldn't find a thread of this already, so i made a new one.

    The first time i got high, was about my 3rd time smoking bud. the other 2 times i didn't even know how to inhale right, and didn't take massive hits like i did then and i do now :D

    Well it was back in August, i was about 14, and i turn 15 in April, yeah i know it's young. Okay well i smoked a homemade bong from a water bottle, and it was just mids, i smoked 1 bowl of that and i was baked as fuck. I remember stashing my bong when i went in, then i got the munchies, put some pizza rolls on a plate and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, then i went in my room. Got on the computer, and started talking to my friends, and my 20 year old brothers friend on aim. He's a fellow stoner too. So i was telling him i was high as hell, and he sent me this video, it was Back then - Mike Jones, and i swear i didn't hear anything coming out of the speakers and i looked and the were on, and the video was going and the sound was up. So i turned it all the way up. nothing still. The next day i tried them, and they worked.. Well then i just got on my laptop. Just to listen to some song. haha then i forgot about my pizza rolls. an i wen in th kitchen and they were still in the microwave, and i looked and it said 9 minutes left. So i opened it and bit one to see if they were done and burned the fuck out of my tongue. So then i just let them cool down, and ate them :D and talked to people a little more and went to bed. That was a great night, from just one bowl :smoking:

    How about your guy's stories?
  2. I remember it so clearly, was like 5 years ago. But me and my two close friends burnt a blunt then watched the old planet of the apes, was so epic feeling.
  3. Best moment in my life up to that day.

    I was in my junior year in high school. All my friends were starting to do it so I went to go smoke with them. I hardly remember taking the hits out of the mini bong but boy do I remember getting high. It felt like I was dreaming and felt extremely good, having a good time and shit. There was a little paranoia as thoughts like "what if I run into the street" and thoughts like that, but I was having a good time. We ate a pizza that day and damn. It had to be the perfect first high.

    I had insomnia at the time but I immediately fell asleep that night.
  4. i was 14 and it was my freshman year so on Halloween night i was out with my best friend(still best friends ) we were walking woth our normal group ( we are all friends) of about 5of us and one guy said "if i pulled out some weed would you smoke it with me?" but also me and my best bud were planning on smoking weed that night to i had 3 grams of ak-47 (60$) and so we said yeah and he had 2 g's of kb so we went behind his house and he stole is dads wood tobaco pipe and we fires that shit up we were screaming "were so high"and shit then when we came out hes dad was waiting for us so knew he knew, we all ran then we did fun shit for hours till my best bud passen out, at that point when he passed out 2 kids bailed then i carried him home also we all knew we were caught so we dident care what his parents did then i ran out of his house( his dad still hates me) 1 hour later my dad picked me up, i was caught, my bud was all right, and none of us said shit about who brought it and stuff nights like that you learn true friends that night was one of the funnest worse nights ever... never going to forget it
  5. first high for me was 12 years old with my cousin down by the beach. didnt really seem to be super stoned, but i was f***in crazy hungry. i ate bout 3 burritos a couple of tacos, and chips and salsa. it was the dankest food i ever had. haaa. but yea fun time getting high for your first time.
  6. My first time smoking weed was awesome
    i skipped school with a couple of weed smoking freinds
    we smoked a joint and then some weed through a homemade water bottle bong
    thats when shit started goin crazy i remember my freind was getting the shit beat out of him cuz he threw a stick @ my other freinds and he got a hard on
    his dick flapped out of his shorts so epically that i just fell on the ground laughing the hardest i have in my intire life :D
    all in all a great day
  7. mike jones is the shit
  8. It was my friends birthday party when i was in 8th grade, very young

    My best friend and i had planned to go to my our other friends(one who smokes) birthday, and mess with them when they got high ex: waving hands in front of their eyes, freaking them out etc.

    When i arrived there my friends had already smoked some G-13 in town and were incredibly baked. My best friend couldn't spend the night and i ended up smoking when offered it that night.

    We ripped my other friends bong, dubbed "Bong Master Bongness", and after a few failed attempts at hitting it i got some decent hits. We then proceeded to eat the rest of his cake and play video games. Good times :smoking:
  9. The first time I blazed was after taking 12 Coricidin C&C Pills. I was already trippin' balls when my friend's brother offered me a hit off his 3 foot bong. I was fourteen or fifteen. Needless to say, I was really fucked up.

  10. This wasn't my very first time, but it was the first time I smoked anything other than schwag...

    I had just started college, and this guy I knew in my dorm dropped by my room. He pulled out this LONG ass bud (like, over a foot long). It was blue, it smelled like blueberries, and he said his dad sent it up to him (his dad apparently grew down in Florida). He broke me off a chunk a little smaller than my thumb, was like "here you go bro, enjoy." I was like "for free?" He said "yeah man" and left.

    So, not having a piece, I took out a pack of smokes (I had never, by the way, smoked cigs while smoking pot before), emptied out 2 cigarretes, ground up the pot, and put it in the cigs. It only went about 3/4 of the way in both of them when packed real tight. I don't know why, but I filled the rest with the loose tobacco.

    So, I went and found a few of my friends, and we went and sat on the field outside my dorm (there were some bushes, and it was like 9 pm so no one was out in the middle of the field). I lit one up, and started puffin on it. I tried to pass it around, and they were all like "naw man, you never hit headies before. Smoke that to the head"

    So, I did. I was FUCKED up at that point, and a little dizzy (no doubt the tobacco didn't help there). They were like "you should smoke the other one too." But I couldn't even get it in my mouth and light it I was so roasted... lol

    So, they put it in my mouth for me and helped me light it, and I managed to smoke that to the head too. At this point it was getting kind of late, and I had to get back to my dorm for some reason (I forget why... the night watch person was already there checking IDs before you could go in... but I seem to recall thinking that if I didn't get in soon I would have to deal with worse shit... not sure why). I stood up and started to walk back to my dorm.

    As I walked, the ground seemed to be tilting towards me a bit. Then a bit more, then a lot faster, and then BLAM! It was like the whole world had tilted sideways and hit me in the head. I hear my friends bust out laughing. I then realize that I had actually fallen over sideways without realizing it.

    I managed to get up and make it to the desk where they check your ID to make sure you live in the dorm. I don't know how I managed (I'm sure the girl knew I was wasted), but I got out my ID and got to my room. I then ended up getting super dizzy and puking, and going to bed. Not very fun at the time, but hilarious when I think back on it (well, up to the puking part).
  11. First time I smoked:
    I didnt get high but my sister was gone. We were on someones porch when someone two houses down started shooting at someone. Me, and about 4 other people got on the floor and crawled into the house and shut the door. I realize my sister is still outside. We open the door and she is still standing hitting the blunt with a goofy smile on her face.

    Second Time I smoked:
    Second time I smoked I got real high. I started laughing, then my sister started laughing. Anybody thats like me knows when your high and someone else is laughing, it is impossible not to laugh. So we are sitting their laughing out lungs out, I close my eyes and I see rows and rows and rows of smiley faces forming with each laugh.

    I had to leave the room or I wouldnt be able to stop laughing. When I ran out the room it felt like my head was disconnected from my body and just flying. So im running around the house looking behind me seeing if I can see my chest.
  12. Was Freshman year in High School, was at my friend Colton's house. Smoked three bong bowls and a joint by myself. I was so stoned, I had to remember to keep breathing. I ate 32 Cereal Bars that night to, and played Halo. It was so much fun.
  13. I was 15 years old and a freshman in high school. it was the third time smoking. I was with my two older cousins (Cousin 1 - 20 years old and Cousin 2 - 24 years old) chilling at their friends house watching an Ohio State game. I had a little bag of ground up weed I had purchased the day before (first time ever buying weed). So my cousins friend (family friend) rolled me two joints and i smoked the first one by myself, and didnt feel anything. Then i smoked the second one and all i felt was a buzz. And then my cousins friend suggested a bong rip would do the trick, and he was right. about 2 minutes after the bong hit, it all hit me at once. My cheeks felt like they were getting sucked into a vortex, and my knees were all numb and funny feeling. I kept getting up and sitting down. It was the weirdest feeling ever. pretty fun though.
  14. three years ago on my birthday at the skatepark. burned a blunt with my buds and went smashing in the skatepark. and it was our first time so we were paraniod and thought the chill dude working the snack bar called the cops on us so we went back to my house right after haha
  15. i dont know if this was my first time getting high or not, but its my first memory or being high that i can think of.

    i was 14, and me and my good friend went to this park near our houses. we smoke 1 or 2 bowls, and leave, and he's saying the funniest things and im just killing myself laughing. for some reason we stop and look at this house, and there was a fire hydrant there, it was blue and yellow. we looked at it for a while cuz we thought it looked cool, and out of no where he goes "i wonder what green tastes like..." (blue and yellow make green...) and i go "it probably tastes like broccoli or something..." and then we look at each other like "wtf?" and then burst out laughing again
    im pretty sure after that we went back to his house and went into his "cool room" which is a room in his basement that we turned into our chill zone, we turned off the lights watched a lava lamp and ate reese puffs out of the box

    twas a good time
  16. I remember my first time getting high like it was yesterday. I had just recently graduated from highschool about 2 years ago, i felt free and felt like partying for 3 months until college began. My friend that was my age intorduced me to a new drug on the street called "Marehuwana". I have never heard of this so called marehuwana and my friend promised me feelings of euphoria and happiness. I was pretty eager to try this marehuwana and i went to his house along with 2 others willing to try this marehuwana. We went the large forrest behind his house on a long journey to try this marehuwana. And when we got there we set up camp and started to build a fire. My friend took the first hit of the marehuwana and my 2 other friends followed after so. I then took my first hit and then 2 hours later we were finished with the marehuwana. i felt something but couldn't tell if it was from the marehuwana or from another thing. After we smoked to went on a long journey 3 minutes up the street to the local SubwayMart. We ate alot of food, went back to his house and fell alseep. and i have enjoyed marehuwana ever since.
  17. i got high my 2nd time and this is how it went.

    i think i was still 15, my birthday was coming up in like a month so it was february and cold as fuck, we didnt want to smoke outside in the park. my friend says his apartment was empty for the whole day. some of us were gonna drink too, i wasnt cuz i was the one with teh car.

    so the plan was meet up at mcdonalds at 7, head out to my friend F apartment to blaze and drink. ok so i get to mcdonalds and everyone is there already. it was 6 of us. we get there and it was true no one was home. so we go up to his room and start rolling 2 blunts then we spark them up at the same time and get the session started. we kill the 2 blunts and they pull out the remy, i wasnt drinking already and 2 of my friends said they wouldnt drink either just smoke. so we watching them down the remy bottle between 3 of them, they want more cuz that bottle wasnt enough.

    F calls his older sister and she rolls thru, we are already high right so when she comes up the room she knows already and all she says is "you guys look familiar". F didnt tell us that his sister was fine as hell and that she had friends lol:D my buddy R convinces them to stay and party with us. so now we got 4 hot ass older chicks with us. they were probably 19-20 we were all 9th graders. we feel like kings for the time they are with us, telling us that we are "too cute" for trying to hit on them shit like that i didnt care though one of her friends had the biggest most juicy ass and i was all up on it till they left. they have to go at like 11pm they were gonna go to a dance club or sum shit, they leave and leave us a bottle of patron, my 3 friends down that bottle but this time they were already drunk and now they are fucking faded. we go downstairs and these *****s start full out wrestling in the living room and F and my other friend D get a little too rough and actually get in a fight. we try to break it up but they aint havin it so the 3 of us that didnt drink go outside and let them kill each other.

    we are chillin outside its like 12 or 1am and we are leaning against the fence that separates the apartment complexes. one of my buddies goes "holy shit look behind you" and we see this young couple fucking on their couch with the curtains all the way open. we laugh for no reason for like 2 minutes. wen we go back inside to check on our friends we find them all upstairs ASLEEP. so we bounce.

    ill never forget that day ever.
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    my first time was just about a week ago!
    i just recently moved across the country for school, and into a house with a bunch of other kids my age. and i was sorta nervous about hanging out with them, but then my roommate convinced me to go into their room and get high. i was pretty excited because i had wanted to try it for so long.
    i took a hit from the dudes pipe and told him i couldn't feel anything, so i took another and i guess it really hit me. i talked to the one guy who was still awake for a little while, and then i went into my room and ended up taking a shower. about an hour later, all the other people had fallen asleep, but i was still up. i ended up wandering back into the guys room and crawling into bed with one of the guys i had met a couple days before. we had some pretty nice cuddling and whatnot, and then i told him not to rape me...haha!
    man, theres lots more i remember, but all in all it was an amazing first experience, and im in love with it now!;)
  19. It's not THE first time, but it's the first time that I had bought weed and used it without being at a party or something, where it was provided by someone else.

    Me and my friend had scored a quarter of some shit that was $75/Quarter. It was legit no-name dank, and I still say to this day that it was some of the best weed I've ever smoked, even though I chalk that up to being younger at the time and inexperienced, but this shit was great.

    We took a new nuggets out of the baggie and were admiring the trichs, as I knew back then only as "hairs", and were trying to figure out how to smoke this shit. So, we google how to make a good homemade smoking device, and started to work. I remember he still had a 56k internet connection, and I was making fun of him because DSL and cable were getting pretty big and all the cool kids had it, haha.

    We made a gravity bong out of a 3-liter shasta cola bottle, and a 5 gallon water bottle. We used a socket for a bowl and it was perfect. It took like 3 hours to get it just right, haha.

    After my friend snuck the whole massive thing into the kitchen to fill it up, after finding out that the bathroom sink was too small and remebering that his mom was home and we had to be stealth about it.

    We carried the thing back into his room, broke off a couple peices of a nug, and loaded it into the bowl. We just started at it for like 5 minutes, compemplating wether or not we were going to chicken out. Neither of us had been completley smashed before, only a couple hits from a blunt or joint, and didn't really know what to expect, so we decided to wait for his mom to leave, and we did.

    Well, I thought that I could fit a lot more smoke in my lungs than I actually could. I was so busy coughing, that I didn't realize that I was baked as fuck.

    He proceeded to hit it, and we went back and forth coughing and laughing at each other's faces that we made. I was sitting on his futon and he was on his bed, and we just got quiet for a minute. He sat up and looked at me, and started talking about something. I just remeber staring at him, and I thought that his mouth was moving really fast but he was talking normally. I told him about it, then we laughed, and decided that we were both really high.

    We spent the rest of the night playing videogames and messing with his dog. It was just so relaxed, and we had a great time.
  20. I rolled like a gram of dro into notebook paper and was listenin to pink floyds "breathe" and my body started swaying and right then i knew i would continue smokin pot til i die. :)

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