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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wizz587, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. okay about 5 days ago i started germinating using the paper towel method, now all have germinated with a white tail looking thing coming out of the seed but no 2 leaves like i thought was to happen they our about 1/4 long so how do i put these into rockwool with the seed down or the white tail down and the seed up thanx to anyone who can help
  2. the white thing down.. thats the root...latezz,
  3. okay i know i sound like an idiot so the white thing goes down so du u leave the seed shell outside the cube or does the hole thing go down
  4. i guess what i am asking is okay i put the root down but the seed sheel is still attached so does the shell stick out when u put it in the rw or is the whole thing buried
  5. now that the tap root has emerged, keep it moist, with water, until you plant..........plant in the soil, taproot facing down, and gently cover with soil..........the root will grow downwards, and the shell will help to push through the soil, and when it emerges, it forces what's left of it's shell, and has 2 tiny little leaves that appear.........these are called the "cotlydons"...........they are now serated like normal MJ leaves, and the plant will most likely get rid of them later in growth, or they become old, and die off.............Peace out.......Sid
  6. okay i have done that now should i put them under flouros or wait until they break the surface
  7. Doesn't matter. I wait until they have broken the surface.
  8. you are using rockwool for your medium. i find this intresting. you asked how they should go in and yes white thing down i did that too, BUT it seems to be the rule of thumb that you have the cotlydons (the first little leaves) close to the ground soil perlite rockwool etc. i kept my lights about 5 inches and all my ladies stretched bent and are twisting. anyone have suggestions for keeping the cottleston pie leaves close to the ground when using rockwool. my newest thread has a pic of a ladie i started in a peat pellet (like a dummy) but was able to transfer to rockwool. notice the bottle rocket stick that it leans on because its skinny. it came up on 2-15-04. impossible to retransplant because the roots have emerged with the rockwool i wish i could lower it because its green its gettin its second or third true leave sets i think. what you think?

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