First time geeking in a while. any one geeked recently?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by RAZORsharp, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Over here in SD county, my buddies, and general area call "geeking" a term for those who snap a fat load, go to exhale, cough or mess up the air flow to where they cough horrendously, and deep.

    any way, right now, about 5 or 6 minutes ago, i seshed out of my small go to bing, that is 10 inches, nice sized beaker. any who, got that tilt down, filling it up with really really dense smoke (ya know when it ALMOST looks like its yellowish white? (lack of oxygen) ) and as i exhale, i geek!

    i dunno why, but i made a weird noise with my stomach, then it happened. almost like an invoulentary burp..

    idk, im really really high. im so high this picture is moving.

  2. quit cheesing dude
  3. hahaha bro every night.... jsut pack a load of kief down that shit and cough for about 5 minutes.... its well worth it :)
  4. yeah i know, but it fucking hurts my throat. i get super baked for a good 45 min or so, then the gentle high kicks in, then 3 hours later im wantin another bowl
  5. i've never heard "geeking" referring to coughing
  6. haha whenever someone "loses a lung" coughing here, we're all like ohhh man he just crippled himself.
  7. I always thought geeking was laughing really hard.
    and lol at that picture

  8. Agree. Around these parts "Geeking" is something that happens when you start fucking up super hard. Uncontrolable laughing, shouting sentances, or generally making an ass of yourself is considered "Geeking the fuck out".
  9. "geeking" were i'm from is after you bust a fat line of blow and you start grinding on your teeth
  10. geeking is laughing uncontrolably at something that when sober you wouldnt even think twice about it (well usually)

    what you described is hacking up a lung
  11. Dude, I'm PRETTY sure geeking=the coke equivalent of being "baked" or something to that effect... ask bleezie king i guess...
  12. If you're talking about coughing, I cough almost everytime out of the bong.
  13. i thought geekin out was when you were on speed or ice?

  14. around here geeking it up refers to someone whos on a amphetemine, or a stimulant of some kind.

  15. Really? Interesting how diferent terms get diferent meanings in various locations! I think its probley pretty universal, but I haven't heard anything other than "Tweaking" used for someone that is on amphetemine here in Minnesota. On that same note though, I really don't chill with people that do that stuff, so I wouldn't know any other terms for it.

  16. Yeah it is pretty cool, the term is universal the meaning is not usually. Dro here in georgia, could be some reggie in another place, and like wise. Tweeking here usually means just meth, if your on like adderal or coke or something, most people will say your geeking it up. takeing a huge massive hit of weed, and coughing till you feel like your dying is just a domer.

  17. YEP:hello:
  18. getting geekedis doing a fat amount of coke, not laughing uncontrollably when your high

  19. It all depends on where you're located man, words can take diferent meanings.

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