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    ***UPDATES @ Bottom of Page One! (3 weeks later)

    [Original Post 5/27]
    Here's my first grow its super ghetto but after alot of research via the guides,
    posts and members of this helpful and knowledgeable community i'm pretty confident its going to work.
    Thank you soooo much theres no way i would of figured this out without your insight.
    Just got the clones three days ago. Transferred them to red cups 1 day ago.
    They have grown no more than an inch, though i see alot of development of nodes on the top of a few of them. I have a few questions (see bottom) that are bothering me that i could use answered and any other advice you want to give would also be extremely appreciated.
    Its my first time and im sure theres a few things i could be overlooking.
    Oh, yeah this is my setup.

    150 Watt hps: High Tech Garden Supply

    Box: 16x24x36 (Interior Volume 15x22x31) lined with mylar.

    DIY carbon filter

    Soil: fox farm ocean forest

    Fert: tiger bloom and big bloom (unsure when to use)

    Pots: Red 18oz cups (for now). Going to transfer to 5x5x7 square pots.

    Ladies (8):
    Granddaddy Purple - Bubba Kush - Purple Kush - Grapefruit Diesel - Grape Ape - Wonder Dog - 2 X LA confidential.

    How often should i be watering them?
    Fert: when? how much?
    How big do you thing their going to get/when do I start flowering?
    Does it matter when I change pots (from red cups to 5x5x7's)? pre 12-12 switch or within the first two weeks of switch?

    Also if you have an questions for me, or want more pics feel free to ask. It summer, i got the time.

    Wish me luck :D
    ~ Tree!

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  2. im starting to do something similar, but raising the mother first and then doing a similar setup with clones. will be tracking yours.

    as for the watering, i would say when they get dry, probably every 3 days or so but not too much.

    you can start flowering whenever you desire, depending on how big you want them. They will grow 2-3x their size sometimes!

    not sure about the pots thing.
  3. no ventilation could be a problem, but other than that it seems very put together. :) cant wait to see these in the near future :)
  4. yea that looks great but in the future your going to need to get a bigger space. they will like nemmm grow at least 2-3 times their size that they are when u switch to flowering. so right now they look like 4-5 inches tall which means if you switched now they will be 12-15 inches tall by the end. you will need to switch them outta those red cups pretty soon, maybe when u see the roots coming out of the holes in the bottom of the cup. also for watering i just stick my finger in the dirt and if its dry about 1.5 inches down i water them. eventually you will be able to just look at the dirt and see if u need to water them.
    heres the link to the feeding schedule but i never used it. FF ferts are strong in my opinion and i just gave them the ferts when i thought they hadnt had it for a couple days, and i only gave a little not what they say on the chart. i gave them the ferts probably every 3 or 4 days.

  5. The black tube in the back in the diy carbon filter with a 250 cfm fan. Also there are three intakes in the back, all filtered. Thanks for the positive feedback! much appreciated.

  6. Thanks for the advice. Do you know which fert should i use when? I shouldn't mix them right?
  7. ahh i see well then youve got a good future ahead of you :) smooth sailing and close attention is needed till flowering :)
  8. i used Grow big for veg because i didnt know i could use big bloom for veg too. I used to buy distilled water gallons not for the PH but for the gallon. and i would pour all my ferts into the same gallon of water. but dont mix them before the water. mix them in the gallon of water. also i cant urge it enough but use less ferts, you cant under fert really but you can definitly over fert. You can always add a little more at each time if you think your plants could take more.

  9. How much per gallon did you use? Do smaller plants just need less fert per gal?
  10. per gallon i would use half to 3/4 of a cap full. one of my growing friends who used Foxfarm as well told me it did him wonders. he said he used a cap full per gallon but when i used 2 ferts in one gallon i would do a half cap of each. im not the best grower by far but this gave me some great results. i would suggest trying different amount starting from low to high until u find out how much your plants can handle.
  11. let me know how ur LA CONFIDENTIAL goes, iam getting a few of those seeds as well.

    PURE INDICA, nuts man

  12. Well i have two of em', ill be sure to keep you updated on em week to week as this post/box progresses. Any reason you chose the strain? I chose Indicas to keep em short. pretty nuts... man. =P
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    {UPDATE 6/18}
    Ok so its been three weeks since my last post cuz its summer and im buisy doing nothing. Hmm where do i start... I began flowering them on 6/7 and you can see lots of what im hoping will be dank flowers. Since this is my first time i kinda underestimated how much room 8 plants would take up and im definately going to upgrade to somthing bigger next grow. Despite the fact that they are kinda crowded they are all looking very happy and healthy (yay). Ive been using the reccomended dose of fert (5mg) of big bloom every other watering (2 cups each every 3-4 days), but now that I see flowers ima do half and half big bloom - tigerbloom.

    I have encountered a few unforseen problems: Small flying bugs that look like gnats have been suddenly attracted to my house and a handfull are kinda kicking it in the box. Ive tryed sticky paper but with little luck cuz i think the weed is a little more attractive, not supprisingly. They don't seem to be harming my ladies so im just gunna let them do their thing unless anyone has some great idea to get rid of them, would be MUCH appreciated. ooh and my homemade filter isint working
    that well, it smells like dank, but only in my closet so i just shut the door. Also got some ONA gel incase it starts to seep into other areas of the house.

    Thats about it. Any advice I will gladly take, and any questions i will happy to answer.
    Heres some pics of my sexy ladies, can't wait to smoke em. :smoking:
    Granddaddy Purple. (Their All about this size)
  14. hi there, crop looks spot on mate!! tall are they now?...I'm avidly following your success as a 1st time grower!!! Peace dude!!

  15. Tyyy, your positivity is muuuch appreciated. Their a little under 2 feet. :]
  16. Looks GREAT!! Those girls are looking lovely! That 150w HPS grew all 8 of them? I have a 400W Hps/MH for 4 plants, I hope mine come out half as good as yours! Keep up the good work!~ Samatha

  17. Get a fan to blow air directly on the plants, the flies can't live in that setting. Interesting thats all done with a 150 watt hps

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