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First Time, Freaked Out, Still Feeling It.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Googlefaced, Jun 4, 2013.

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    So I smoked weed for te first time yesterday.

    I smoked a bowl out of a can, and I did not feel anything, so then I smoked another one and decided I got ripped off. Anyways, I sat down on the computer and noticed that I had no idea what the fuck was going on.

    Here's what it felt like. The world started spinning, I stopped feeling and went numb, I started having tunnel vision. Then I started having problems hearing myself.

    I ended up freaking out and just going to bed.

    Anyways I am still feeling fuzzy and it's the next day... Is it permenant!

    Was the weed laced? It is "Kryponite" strain
  2. I've posted this in another "first timers" thread but.......

  3. It probably wasn't laced. The first time isn't usually fun. 
  4. How long until the fuz is gone?
  5. Yes it is permanet I would go see a doctor a sap

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  6. Maybe later today
  7. you should be good later today or tonight, my first experience wasnt quite like that, but ill say this... it gets better my friend.  dont give up the herb after just 1 try
  8. It's probably because you smoked a second bowl. Give it another shot but go slow. Take a hit or two then wait 10 mins. If you feel like you want more take another and repeat until you're at a comfortable level. The fuzziness will last at most a day i remember it happening to me when i would smoke alot or really good stuff when i first started. Nothing to fear..
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    You should have asked for advice before you smoked or smoked with a friend who had experience. Most newbies almost always smoke way too much and start freaking out for no reason when it finally hits them.
    I'm 99.9999999999% sure it wasn't laced. What you experienced is what being high-as-balls feels like, except you couldn't handle it, didn't expect it, and started freaking out about it. If you had someone to coach you through it and if you had just realxed and enjoyed it, it would have been a much better experience, trust me.
    What you are feeling now is just a prolonged afterglow that affects people with a really low tolerance. You should feel fine in a 2-5 hours.
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    I had a blast my first time, but then again when I started to freak out my bro handed me a coloring book and I went to town. Was the best coloring book ever. :smoke:
  11. You smoked wayy too much for the first time. I had maybe half a .5 jay my first time and it felt awesome. Either that or you just went into it scared and that feeling intensified when you got high
  12. 2 bowls is a lot for your first time.  My first time, I took about 5 hits from a joint and was completely baked. 2 bowls was too much for you.  You were just really high but had no idea how to handle it.  It gets really easy- I'm high 24/7 and know how to avoid letting people notice.  
    Smoke with a friend next time and wait for it to hit you before you smoke more.  Pretty common mistake.  It could take around 15-20 minutes before you feel it.
    That fuzzy feeling is probably just you feeling tired- it can make you pretty tired if you don't have a tolerance to it, but it'll be over by the time you get enough sleep.
  13. Thanks for all the comments.
    I plan on trying it again this weekend, hopefully I wont totally fuck myself up again.
    I need to get a cheap pipe or somthing, smoking it out of a can is not a good idea.
  14. Don't smoke weed if thats how you react to it.
  15. There's your answer, the can, not the bud. Cans are laced with chemicals and burning and smoking a can isn't a smart thing to do.
  16. Yeah bruh you def just freaked out. I highly doubt your weed was laced, legit Kryptonite is a very strong indica strain, so for your first time that amount of smoke for sure had you ripped. 
    My first time smoking I was off that Blue Dream... no lie, I was high for four motha fuckin days man, so I believe that the day after you still feel drowsy n shit. I was still feeling paranoid as a mothafucka the next morning I woke up lmao. Jesus, good times, good times.
  17. You got pretty baked haha, not laced just dank man. Next time the spinning shouldn't be a problem, happened to me my first time too
  18. You're fine brotha. I always know I'm pretty high when my face feels like its falling off and my mouth contorts in weird positions haha
    Has the feeling gone away yet? And I agree with everyone else, do it with an experienced friend who knows what he's/she's doing.
  20. The first time I got really baked the whole tunnel vision thing happened to me, scared the shit out of me but every once in a while I get that high and its great. That "fuzzy" feeling will be gone in a day or two, still happens to me sometimes. If I get extremely high with good weed one day, i'll feel it the next.

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