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  1. 4D3127A2-4E69-4BE8-9538-1A633A0B8903.jpeg Well. Hello everyone, I can say I have been watching forums and gathering intel like a hawk. Wouldn’t have posted my journey on one unless I was yielding some sort of result that warranted it. It’s time, I can share the progress over the past 4 weeks of seedling into vegetative state into what is now the first day of flowering. I can’t promise updates daily or anything but I will share my journey so far and will definitely share the end result of this first time grow.

    My hydro bb:
    Glorious Bag Seed

    - (FROM START) Duesi 12 Pod Hydroponic System 26watts
    - (Added after seedling stage) Bell/Howell Full Spectrum Flexible 5k Lumen 6watts
    - some small portable fan

    - A/B Nutrients that came in the box lol
    - 8-8-8 Miracle Grow Organic Performance Bloom
    - Lemon Juice
    - bottled water

    Lighting Cycle to date:
    - germination 18/6 full spectrum (light closest possible setting on DUESI)
    - seedling 18/6 full spectrum (light closest possible setting on DUESI)
    - vegetative 18/6 full spectrum (light moved to find sweet spots on DUESI and flexible lights placed horizontally to side growth)
    - veg flip to flower 24 hour light cycle red (Duesi Red/ Bell Howell Red)
    - flower 12/12 full red

    - Fimmed after 6th node, accidentally got the 5th node in the mix of the 6th node fim into the 7th node (recovered with what appears to be 4 separate potential colas and stronger shoots coming from the 5th node where I originally tried to fim.
    - 4 days after filming I noticed health shoots growing from the lower nodes,
    I decided to trim the bottom 2 rows of fan leaves exposing more of those new shoots to light since I will be side lighting with the flex lights
    - 2 days after that I noticed a major hault in vertical growth and even more in the lateral areas of the plant, so I cut one more layer of fan leaves. This left only the too layer of fan leaves and the new lateral growth/ progress of the fim
    - I noticed the pistils forming pretty intensely at the 4th and 5th node so I decided to flush the nutrients, replace them with something more sustainable for flowering 8-8-8 Miracle Grow Organic Performance at around 70% of the dosage in 3L of water as opposed to the 4L I kept in the machine during the germination into veg.
    - Today I wrote this and will keep everyone updated when I have the time during the flowering process!

    I might also mention she listens to Peter Tosh Radio daily

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    Consider Mozart, its all in the rhythms of the high notes the theory goes, I use in deep winter,
    have done for years , and god I hate Mozart lol

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