First time flushing. Any help ?

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  1. Hi guys. Tomorrow I do my flush for a week, I’ve basically fed from the bottom for the past 9 weeks as it’s my first crop I’m unsure on how the flush works. Can I get some positive pointers. I have attached some pictures. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. PS I’ve been advised to flush from the bottom ? Any sense in this if so how an I to flush nutes out of soil. Cheers

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  3. water your plant with water that has been PH
    water your plant allot if you have good drainage first time you flush .
    If you can water until water runs out of bottom of grow bag .
    Sodium lock happens in the upper part of the plant .
    But you are trying to flush the salts out of the soil too .
  4. That plant doesn't need flushed. It still had plenty of time left
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    That makes no sense. I water from the bottom and it takes time for the water to work it's way up through the soil.

    Flushing isnt necessary if you cut off nutrients a few weeks before harvest but theres no way watering from the bottom would ever flush anything out.
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  6. I’m already a week over my flush date

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  7. I thought the same. So do I flush from the top then empty trays? Do I use same routine as when I fed but used fresh PH’d water or do I flush them every few hours or what ?

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  8. Plants not ready bud. There is no set flush date. The plants ready when it's ready, they dont follow your schedule. They set their own
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  9. All you have to do is cut off nutes the last few weeks and flushing isnt necessary. It's a mess to flush anyways.

    If you're dead set on flushing what you do is run 3 times the amount of water through the soil as the size of your container all at once. Say you have 5 gallon pots, that's 15 gallons of water.

    Flushing is such a joke when you can get the same results simply by cutting off nutes in time.

    Last time I grew with synthetic nutes I was in 20 gallon pots. No way I was running 60 gallon of water through it unnecessarily. That's ridiculous
  10. Here is some pics of trychomes. Sorry pics ain’t great if you zoom in and let me know what you think [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  11. Does a plant need flushed if in hydroponics ?

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