First time flowering stage !!!anxiety!!

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  1. Basically been around buds for years, helped others with their grow, and finally decided to be my own boss on April 1st 2019. Having a ton of anxiety even though my shit seems to be going smooth for my first run in my 2x4x5. Just wondering how it looks to the seasoned pros and any tips for *complete organic* grows such as mine would be great.

    Currently running (2) 300w vipars(blurple I know, don't start...)
    6" carbon filter and fan
    3 gallon fabric pots
    Happy farm soil with only roots organic fertilizers for veg and bloom phase.(total organic)
    Lollipopped and lst'd late veg and early flowering
    Watering every other day or so depending on the way the pots feel
    Scrog net(could've utilized it better but I think I did ok for a first crack!)

    Hoping everything is looking like it should for just ending week 4 for the first time. Super excited but need my anxiety to.come.down so I don't over do it in the last week's here lol. Thanks guys and gals!

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  2. Lookin very good, your next run i would reccomend looking into defoliation/leaf stripping in the earlier weeks of flower so your canopy is more opened up to get light down to the lower bud sites, but it looks right on track for half way thru man keep up the solid work and dont worry your pretty lil head
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  3. I'm sure your plants would look a lot better under natural light. :)
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    I've scrogged for years and I dont see the purpose of how you have your net up. It's not training your plant to grow horizontally. That's a trellis net used for support when plants get heavy. It would be laid sort of loose over the top of the plant, helping support heavy buds.

    A scrog is a tightly strung net or something similar, generally with smaller holes, that's flat so you can tuck branches forcing it to grow horizontally and off shoot new tops.

    Plants look great. Good job bud
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  5. I agree I could've used the net better but I did successfully get about 6-8 colas to go completley horizontal and you're right, the buds on those are booming with all the light they're getting

    Thanks everyone for the positive vibes. I'm reading and watching veterans grow almost everyday through vids. Knowledge has definitely proven to be power.✌
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  6. I thought I could get away with more lol. Didn't want to do too much my first solo go at it. But thank you. I will do more defoliating next run for sure.
  7. ?? Any pics of what you mean? I'm confused. The branches grow horizontal, spreading out across the net in a scrog. the buds still grow vertically
  8. I definitely could've defoliated more but I didn't want to over due it. You can see where in week 1-2 in flower where I weaved some over and under. Then the pic today from 1 day into the 5th week I've got about 6 of these colas sideways starting to plump like this one. Couldve done better but eh...I'm not complaining. There's always next run. Just a bit anxious lol.

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  9. And by colas...I only consider the top of the flower the cola. The buds under the mains I call them just that, when I say "I have the cola sideways"...I mean the main branch of the cola...make sense? ...either way lol. It'll only get better from here. I appreciate the input tho for sure
  10. In a scrog you tuck the main branches forcing them horizontal causing the nodes to become new tops. Then the new tops are pushed into each square, allowing them to grow vertically. This is a scrogged plant after harvest showing how the main stems grow horizontal. I try to get 1 top in each 2 inch square IMG_20160306_131611129.jpg

    What you have going on there is more like lst which opens the plant up also without as much forced horizontal growth of the main stems. You did a damn fine job bro IMG_20151209_210946958.jpg 1 plant in a 2'x4' scrog
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  11. IMG_20150815_162030662.jpg everything below th net is stripped clean because the dense canopy allows very little light penetration below
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  12. I'm with the rest of your fans - Lookin Good! I'm an auto grower and use hps bulbs so I can't give you much info. I'd say stick with what works for you. After a couple grows you'll be where you want to be. I'm totally old school; to me it's basic agriculture: 'plant it - water it - and it will grow'. 2x2x5.5 tent, and, I only grow one at a time; I just let my plant do it's thing and never end up with less than 3oz per plant (Auto's). Not a lot, but it works for me. I have journals in here.
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  13. These are mine underneath...I just could've lowered it and weaved a few more branches in and defoliated a bit more. Kinda feel like the net is only being half used correctly at this point but thanks guys! This has become my passion most definitely! To hear other growers seal of approval is a major boost in confidence :)

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  14. I hear ya man my current run is the first time ive tried leaf stripping in early flower and was worried i totally fucked it up after ripping all them leaves off but its the truth and getting much large colas than ever before
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  15. Yes!! Looking great man!
  16. Week 6 update. Girls are doing as good as they can be doing! Now to pack on some weight..

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  17. That shit is comin along very nicely, lookin like some fire
  18. Thanks dude. The tent smells like "melted lollipops" is what my son says lol. These things are almost dripping resin off them. I'm not gonna say blurples aren't cheap lights. But I'll never call them garbage..ever lol
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  19. Haha melted lollipops? Thats some funny shit, after seeing what dudes are pullin with leds making me strongly reconsider using MH/HPS and thinking about making the investment in led man
  20. Electric sky has some 300w 4 ft wide band LEDs that I'm just drooling over. Like $800 a piece tho :/ ..time to start another change jar lol. Mr Canucks grow and Mr grow it on YouTube Both run them and mannnn lol. Really makes me wonder what I have in storage I can have a garage sale with lmfao

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