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first time firecrackers, wil i still be able to function

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by melli, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. soo im going on a 8-9 hour busride and i wana get high but i dont want my other classmates/teachers ( yea its a class trip, up to montreal) soo anyway i was wondering if i made firecracraes with like .5 g of pot, how ucked up wil i be
  2. youll be fine...just sleep in the bus and try not to talk to anyone.

    Remember - you dont smell at all from edibles...but you might feel like you smell (just because youre high)
  3. Bring an iPod
  4. yeah thats what i suggest.

    bring an ipod with 9 hours of songs on it
  5. I know I wasn't able to function during my first firecracker experience. Just bring an MP3 player and a nice comfy pillow and you'll be fine.
  6. yea i was thinking of just ringing eye drops or sunglasses and juts bring an ipod and or tlk to my other stoner freind
  7. Yeah, just watch out for the eyes, they WILL get red. I've gone to school several times right after smoking and once after firecrackers, and no body has ever noticed other than people who smoke

    Though I'd up the dosage to a whole g ^^
  8. When you eat it, you will be half as high as if you were to smoke it, but it lasts much longer, in the 4-6 hour range.

  9. Lol not for me. I get twice as high with firecrackers for 4-6 hours than if I were to smoke the same amount in a blunt or piece. But that may be because I use the more potent soaking method rather than cooking it. :smoking:
  10. Never tried the soaking method, but all cooked edibles seem to be half strength in terms of smoking (for me).
  11. how baked will i be
    also u recomned some eye drops
  12. Not always lol. You know that one anti-pot commercial where the girl is actually deflating and melting into the couch? Yeah, that's what I felt like for about an hour and a half, with some decent effects afterward for a few hours. And I didn't even use that much weed. These things can knock you on your ASS.
  13. Baked as hell, most likely how interesting described it above me. And YES, your eyes are very likely to be red even if they don't get red when smoking. Use Visine or Rhotos
  14. holy shit, this sounds like a fun ride
    so how much gang do you think i should put on , im a lightweight
  15. Yeah it sounds like your going to enjoy yourself and i'd say you only need about .5 but if you want to really feel nice and have your high last longer go for maybe a whole gram
  16. .5 will do you good,
    catch the ride in your neighborhood.
  17. question, the efew times i made firecrackers i couldnt really tell cause i was already high. how do you know when you have enough herb on the cracker.
  18. i also dont wanna freak out
    so .5 will be enuff

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