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First time ever working out then smoking. WOW

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Fredbear, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I have really became jaded to the high for the last little while....taking tolerance breaks.....Vaping then smoking...Smoking then Vaping ...Edibals are pretty good then smoking.....

    But all in all just bored Oh and I do have great weed as I live in Ontario :hello:

    anyway LOng story short just had a great cardio workout then smoked as part of my new years resolution And had the best high in a long long long time
  2. get high then lift weights and ull find yourself forgetting to stop when u hit the amount u meant to stop at, sometimes I do like twenty extra reps before realizing why I cant feel my arms any more haha
  3. ive done it. Makes my high more intense. (while working out/after)
  4. I do better while high. Do like 30 extra situps, i got more energy.
  5. idk how u guys work out while high. I tried it and got really lazy. And i would day dream most of the time and just didnt feel the work out at all. Ima stick to working my ass of first, then smoke me a nice doobie :smoke:
  6. Smoke a bowl of sativa before working out. Oh what a time
  7. People that are healthy and exercise regularly I find get way higher than people that are out of shape. Not only for weed but everything in general. I think exercising regularly lowers and keeps your tolerance down.
  8. I LOVE doing this! Glad you liked it.
  9. i tried to smoke once before working out..have never done it since
    i could feel every fucking thing in my muscles and it hurt like a bitch doing curls lol so i just gave up..
  10. I can't lift weights when I'm high.

    Cardio while high is great for me though. Get out and play basketball for two hours, or ride my bike 50 miles while stopping to take hits from the bowl. That's some of the best times.

    Smoking after a workout is always super satisfying too though. It's a great way to unwind and relax after some intense fitness.

  11. I love playing basketball after hitting a one hitter on the way there. I have a much softer touch and could play forever.

  12. What the hell are you thinkin about for those 20 reps? -_-
  13. While I haven't practiced in some time, when I did BJJ it was incredibly fun to get high and spar. When you finally stop and the exhaustion hits you it's the most amazing feeling - like a full-body orgasm.
  14. Yeah it's nice
  15. I did this once, I did a full body workout with my friend and 15 minutes afterwards we smoked.

    Geez man...
    You are insta-high and super high.

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