First time ever growing. Need some questions answered.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JayKirkbride, May 9, 2016.

  1. Hey potheads! I've finally got the motivation to start growing and save a shit tonne of money!
    My seeds came today, I will start off growing one plant at a time, just so then it will be as easy as possible for me. I'm going to use a Delicious Cotton Candy feminised seed, I've heard that strain is the bomb.

    So, I'm going to do it the cheapest and easiest way. I'm gonna say what ingredients I have to grow, and it would be helpful if you guys would tell me what I could improve on.

    I will be growing it in a box that is about a meter high, I will the fill the sides with foil, so the light can reflect and hit every part of the plant. I will be using a normal bayonet bulb fitting lamp by cutting a hole at the top of the box, and then putting the light inside the box. This is the bulb I'm using, would it be good enough? I'm shit with bulbs, didn't realise there were so many types!

    It's an energy saving, 625 lumen, 12w~52w B22/BC, 2700 kelvin. 106mm height / 55mm diameter.

    I do have a carbon filter too for the beautiful smell which I wish I could just leave as it is :p

    After the seed is germinated and the root is about an inch long, I will put it in a polystyrene cup full of Miracle Grow Potting Mix carefully. Now this is where I will be stuck. What do I do next? The seed is planted inside the box with the foil on the sides. Do I move the lamp closer? How far should it be? And while it's growing, what do I do with the lamp? Do I keep moving it as it grows? How often do I water it?

    Sorry for the long ass post! I just don't want to fuck this up, it's like my first baby in a way :') I want it to be perfect :p Thanks for all your help :)
  2. Hi mate, welcome. I would say do some reading on ventilation and lighting. You would be better off not using mg soil, try some canna specific soil or seed raising mix with bottled nutes.

    You may wanna get some mylar rather than foil for the walls, or paint them flat white.

    Biggest problem I see at this point though is the bulb. You would need at least 10 of those to get any kind of decent yield. 100 watts minimum for 1 plant. Don't listen to the 'eqivilent' watts for CFL - it's the actual power used that counts.

    Read, read, read before popping that seed. There is a shitload of good information on this forum. Grow weed easy is also an excellent site.
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  3. Miracle grow can burn young seedlings so if its all you have just keep an eye on her. For lighting, your spectrum is flowering 2700k. Veg is closer 6400k. And wattage go by true watt not equivalent. If your bulb is 12 watts its just not enough. Gran like a 125 cfl if your doing just 1 bulb

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  4. Oh and to answer your questions about watering and transplanting, make sure you have good drainage and don't over water. Let the top of the soil get dry before watering again. Transplant when the roots come out the bottom of the cup into a larger pot, or your final pot. Also, try germinating is the soil, handling the seed can damage the root.
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  5. Thank you! :) First time posting here and already have good feedback! Because I am such a newbie with growing, what would be the cheapest/best bulb for just one plant? Would any bulb be fine as long as it's 100w? I've seen people online say that they just need 50w per plant, so would 100w be way too much?
    And while the seed is growing inside the soil, can the light at the top of the box? Or would I need to pull it down closer to the seed?
  6. Dont need light until it pops. If its cool then you can turn light on for some extra warmth. When they sprout then use the light

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  7. So one 125w CFL would work just fine? :)
  8. Great! Thank you! :)
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  9. If just 1 plant yes it should be fine. Have to keep bulb pretty close to plants when using cfl lighting. They dont penetrate well so look into LST training for grow. You will want even canopy management and you can achieve this through LST
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  10. Thanks for your help! :D LST training sounds perfect
  11. If you Google grow light calculator you can input your grow room space and it will tell you how many watts you need.

    With CFL 6500k to 2700k is fine, 2700k is best if you're gonna use just one bulb for the whole grow.

    In terms of watts, my first grow was a 250w CFL for one plant and it only yielded one ounce... A 50 watt CFL will grow you a few grams at best. You really need at least 100 watts, more is better, and with CFL you need to keep the plant short and keep the bulb within a few inches of the plant. Normal household bulbs can be 2 or 3 inches away for best results.

    If you have the cash and can control heat well, I would suggest going to a small HPS of 250 watts, that should yield a couple of ounces off one plant, if I had my time again I would never have bothered with using CFL.

    The more time you invest now, the more bud you get at the end.
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  12. Yes! They are biiiiig bulbs though lol... Oh and they use an e40 base, you standard house fitting won't work.
  13. That's awesome! So would this be okay? - Sylvania HPS Super Tube SON HID Sodium Lamp 250W

    What would I plug that into? How can I find the specific lamp for it. It's an E40 cap fitting
    **Nevermind, I've found one***
  14. You need a ballast as well, let me see what I can find for you.
  15. Nevermind, I found one :p
    What about this for 125w CFL E40 fitting? 'Cus to me it looks like it should work, but I can be wrong sometimes :p

    Also, are they usually that much? I don't mind buying one for that price though
  17. What about this for 125w CFL E40 fitting? 'Cus to me it looks like it should work, but I can be wrong sometimes:p
    125W CFL Energy saving daylight light bulb 6400K E40
    • 125W (625W equivalent) Continuous Light Bulb
    • Spiral Bulb
    • 6400k Ultra Bright White Daylight spectrum bulb for SAD and hydroponics
    • 10'000 Hours Long Life
    • E40 GES socket
  18. Yes that CFL is what you need, the price is fine. You will need an e40 base lamp cord, the light base is much larger than regular household stuff. You may even want to get a reflector with a built in cord, they all use e40 fittings.

    You will need some hangers to lower and raise the light too... Yes it all starts to add up haha...
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  19. The 6400k refers to colour temp, 6400k is good for veg, 2700k for flowering, you can use either for the whole cycle however.
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  20. Haha it really does, at least the money is worth it!
    Awesome, so when my baby starts to flower, do I get a different bulb? Or can I use the same bulb somehow?

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