First time event, need help!

Discussion in 'General' started by Valcen, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Well this year will be my first time to ever attend any kind of music festivle. I'm going to Bonnaroo with a friend in a few days and was wondering if there was any pointers anyone had for me. Anything I need to survive and what to look out for, and also how early should we go, to ensure we have a good site.

    So far I'm just bringing a fuck tun of water(6 gallons), a 3-man tent, an easy-up shade thing (heard this was essential), mist machine thing, camel pack and lots of nugs/shrooms/liquor (planning to get a lot there too)

    Edit: And of course sun screen/munchies.
  2. sounds like fun. i myself have never been to one of those things but sounds like your gonna have a nice time. well have fun.
  3. im not sure exactly what bonnaroo is, but it sounds to me like your carrying a little much. just be ready for just about any injury to occur, some people hang out at music restivals just to fuck up some unsuspecting stranger.
  4. bonaroo is a really chilled out music fest. i have never actually been but would love to... so many good bands! you sound like you got your shit together! bring an umbrella for portable shade, maybe one of those backpacks that hold water in em and have the straw that wraps around your face so you wouldnt have to leave in the middle of a band performing to get more water! Keep hydrated for sure man, ive heard of many people getting extreme heat exhaustion at the fest.
  5. Lucky, I'd love to head to Bonnaroo
  6. i've got too much shit to go there this year :( . You've got most of the essentials already. Toilet paper dude, nothing worse than having beer shits while you're hung over, delirious and not having anything to clean your ass with. You might want a portable radio for your camp. lanterns are good too. I always bring a 20' flagpole and a flag of my own design. It really helps you traverse the sea of identical tents to find your way back while you are tripping balls. The biggest thing is to keep that water on you and always have cash to buy more drugs because there will be a lot, i mean tons :D enjoy.
  7. Minus the toilet paper, is that what heaven is like?
  8. i didn't get the money for bonnaroo :( but i'm going to lollapalooza in my city this year, fuck excited getting mushrooms tomorrow to hold ont o till then now i just need the coke research chemicals and oz of herb and lots of liquor
  9. Thanks for the tips :). Def stocking up on toilet paper, also bought a tent fan/latern combo.... How big of lots does each person get? Is it possible for a shade tent/big 2 room tent (6 person) and a car all to be right next to eachother? (we're going really early)
  10. hmm are u into LSD or Rolls or any psychs?? cuz if u are ur in for the absolute craziest weekend of ur life, im driving up wednesday from MIAMI FL! i will definately be consuming LSD :) guna be soo awesome
  11. Nah, plan on buying a quarter of shrooms though for the event. Do people really just walk up to you and ask if you want to buy some drugs? (heaven)

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