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First time edible

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Josh_aa371, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. So my girlfriend doesn't smoke due to lung problems but she wants to try edibles. I'm not trying to get my girl freaked out! Should I give her like a quarter dose have her wait like an hour then give her another quarter dose? Or shud I go with a half dose? I just want her to get high and appreciate it without getting too high too freak out

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  2. I'd start out with a quarter, assuming the edibles are potent.

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  3. A sure way for her to not want to do it again would be to over do it. You want her to want more so I'd stick with 1/4 portion period the first time. Edibles last a long time so waiting an hour then eating more might be a bad idea, at least the first time.
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  4. Yeah i'd just give her a small dose, it's better for her to barely feel it but be enjoying it than to rish turning her off from weed for the rest of her life :(
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  5. I made cookies with my homegrown and split one with my wife. I stayed up all night with her as she was worried she would stop breathing if she stopped thinking about breathing. She hasn't tried it since. I eat 1/6th of a cookie for my own dose now that I know how strong they are.

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