First time eating edibles

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  1. About to smoke a bowl and was thinking about buying some brownies again soon...

    When was your first time eating edibles? And was it what you expected it to be?

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  2. my first edible was a pot cookie in high school... i ate it at lunch time.. had 1 or 2 classes left.. luckily right
    after lunch I had a free day in weight training... my baked ass was just zoned the fuck out with my
    headphones in.. my friend who made the cookies was actually spotting me (he was sober) and had my back
    so I was never worried at all. it was a great experience.. after that I believe I had some elective class and I
    straight passed the fuck out in the back and nobody noticed how baked I was. it was great haha. I took the
    bus home that day (I lived hella far out of town so it was like a 30 minute trip depending on weather conditions)
    and the only thing I can recall was half-sobering up but caught staring at this fiiiiiiine female a few rows ahead and
    she smiled and giggled and whispered "you are so cool, nobody noticed?" and I was like "damn I'm almost sober
    and you can still tell how high I am?"  and the face she made as she nodded almost killed me. I laughed so hard
    like damn how fucking high must I have looked at that moment... after that all I remember is grabbing hella munchies
    and locked myself in my room for the night haha. didn't say shit but maybe 'good night' to my mom. no way was
    I gonna let her know how stoned I was.  The cookie potency came from how he made it.. hash oil.... that fucker. haha.
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    Make your own.

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  4. I first started making edibles when I started going to college, me and a mate one day sat during lunch break eating cake, about an hour later we couldn't feel our arms n legs, it was like they were made if jelly. Anyway everyone ended finding out in the class and wanted to try some, I thought it would be a good ideas to make a more potent cake and hand it out to everyone in the class on exam day. Funny how we get these thoughts lol! Come exam day the entire class was absolutely whacked! No one could do their practical exams that day, everyone was way too spaced out! I went to the store room to get ingredients, what should of taken 5 mins took me 2 hours! I still remember the looks in the teachers faces that day lol! We all had to come back the next day to complete our exams! This has to be one of the most funniest times of being stoned, seeing a whole class fully whacked n pulling retarded faces and the teachers thinking wtf? Is going on? Lol!
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  5. [​IMG]
    My first time was the night I graduated high school if I recall correctly. We had a grad night where you were in the gym all night. I ate like half of a brownie that was tiny but incredibly potent. I was also quite drunk, but I was high for about 6 hours.
    Edibles are by far my favorite way of getting high. I used to eat them all the time. They are divine :yummy:
  6. I agree, I much prefer the feeling of being stoned by eating than smoking.
  7. Made firecrackers once and threw up. Never again lol
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  8. Made firecrackers also and greened out....was close to throwing up but luckily I just fell asleep
    FUCK FIRECRACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. Tried my first edible during the summer holidays after graduating high school. My parents went overseas for 2 weeks, so naturally I just went wherever I wanted and did whatever.
    Me and a couple of friends drove up to this town. Weed isn't legal where I'm from, but in this town, the cops don't give a shit and there are bong shops everywhere and everyone is always high and it's by the beach.
    We bought a dozen weed cookies each from a shop and apparently you're only supposed to eat 1. We didn't know this and we had 3 each. The rest of the day, we were just at the beach, absolutely gone out of our minds.
    I went for a swim for a bit and nearly drowned lol. I wasn't sober until the next day. It was great.
  10. Same I think that's why I threw up. It took me about 2hours to get enough energy to get off the sofa, then I just went and lied on my bed feeling shit. Then threw up :)...maybe it's just firecrackers. I'll have to try brownies sometime i get the house to myself

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