First Time E-liquid (Questions, results soon!)

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  1. So, after strictly just smoking cannabis as is, I've been itching to get into concentrates and other delightful things! Its always mainly been the price for me that's steered me away, but that's only relevant to my area probably. ANYWAYS..

    Recently I have began making concentrates at home, for the last month or so. All these extractions have been using alcohol. I haven't tried BHO or any other methods, mainly because I wanna fully learn and master one before moving on. I've used mid-grade to dank as can be, and in general the yield is always the same! anywhere from 18%-22% even! NOW that I feel confident with my extractions... this is where I'm back to the next learning step. I wanna make E-liquid. Recently bought a cartridge off a friend to try it out. I could name a thousand reasons why I loved it, but its effects were without doubt noticed. So today, I will be attempting to refill one of these tanks I had sitting around with .5 of my QWISO extract with everything I've read so far.

    Ingredients I'm planning on using:
    - 100% PG (Local tractor supply carries USP grade, others reported it great for e-liquid)
    - .5g of extract (QWISO)
    - Baby food jar (Juice will be mixed within)
    - Syringe capable of measuring and dispensing e-liquid
    - Water bath (I use a double boiler, bring it to about 190-200)
    - Empty tank (I'm using a 510 ccell cartridge)

    The reason I'm posting before doing these steps, to clarify real quick, is because I see varieties of mixed answers and debates on certain steps/ingredients. Before I attempt today, would like to hear any recommendations or opinions!

    (1) Take .5 grams of your extract and place it inside the baby jar, or any other suitable mixing container (Shot glasses work best)

    (2) Take your syringe and pull out 1ml of your PG. Add to your mixing container.

    (3) Begin preparing a hot water bath. Let the water reach a simmering temperature, but not a boil. (Just enough water to submerge the very bottom portion of your mixing container)

    (4) Safely place your mixing container into the hot water bath to introduce some heat. Using your syringe tip you can stir the contents inside, and slowly you should begin to see your concentrate dissolve into the PG. After a little bit, you should be left with a light/dark gold liquid, with no visible concentrate.

    Now we will the cartridge up with our syringe. Suck up your newly made e-juice, and begin to slowly inject into a compatible cartridge, and with a little luck, you can now enjoy your concentrates in a new way!

    So... now for my own questions lol. Biggest one is the decarb step. I've left it out because from what I've learned and read, you only need to decarb if you plan to ingest the THC in any shape or form. When the heat is introduced while vaping it, the combustion temp should be well over the temp required to convert THC-A to THC. Is my thinking correct or possibly wrong?

    My second question. Liquidizers. Do you really need them? From what I've learned there a blend of mainly PG with small amounts of VG. Also might contain terpenes for better flavor, etc. My main concern and hope, is that the concentrate will easily dissolve into my PG, and will not separate.

    Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, as this will be a first time. There's one thing I like most about doing things my first time. Doing it right!

    Thanks again everyone!

  2. For vaping no a decarb is Not needed as the act of vaping is enough heat to convert THC-a into THC.

    Liquidizers are really just a blend of various grades of PEG. 200, 400, ect.
    PG on it's own is quite harsh and is often blended with the far sweeter VG.
    VG = sweet, good clouds, poor solvent
    PG = harsh, low clouds. good solvent.
    PEG 200 harsh, zero clouds. Better solvent.

    After it was all said and done I found dripping Kief tincture on an open coil RDA worked best for my needs as I need a really high dose. I never could get the PG-VG blends concentrated enough to get something from a dozen hits off the vape.
    I've got some pictures and wright ups I'll dig up and link for you.

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  3. Very good to know thank you. I've also heard the PG is very harsh. For the sake of using it in small 510 cartridges, will it be an okay option with straight PG you think? Or should I maybe add part VG to make it thicker? My fear is once the extract cools back down, it'll become TOO thick. I'm a little brainless on PEG, still learning about this all. But already researching lol.

    Open RDA is my next step for sure after I get down making the liquids! I've heard its a really quick way to get a good rip off of your creation! Any photos are gladly welcomed!
  4. [​IMG]






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  5. This is awesome, If things go well for me after a few tries, I may dive deeper and get another drip RDA. How you found a good balance ratio for the blending? Also, +1 on the copper wire handle. I love it haha!
  6. *UPDATE*

    Decided to go with it! threw .5 of dabs in, 1ml of the PG, and let it reach about 180ish. They mixed relatively quick, kept stirring to be sure and safe. Took my syringe and sucked up my dark golden goodness (at this point, my heart is racing in excitement, beyond curious if this was gunna do anything)

    Filled up my cart. Have enough to probably fill it almost full a second time as well. Let it sit for a sec since it was still fresh, wanted it to soak up the cotton around the ceramic a little. Crossed my fingers, and puffed. Very sweet, tasted great, like a clean dab. Puffed it a couple more times with my gf. Both of us felt great about 3 puffs in. The 5th one in really put me on my ass, decided to put it down after that and haven't stopped grinning since. I forgot to take pictures of the mixing process but I do have all the ingredients I used. The oil was from 3 washes, all from just around 3.5 grams of bud. I knew of course using the darker oil which had more plant matter in it would make my end result darker, but that won't both me for a first try.

    So, all and all, I can call this a first time success. I'm gunna update this thread with a second batch very soon, and use my first washes instead. Aiming for a light golden e-liquid next time.

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