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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ykm420, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Well, since I can no longer smoking marijuana :( I've decided to try other things for the time being, today is my day that I will be trying DXM.
    I've acquired Robitussin Cough and Cold. (Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg and Dextromethorphan 15mg for every 5ml) Now, my question is, will the other ingredient hurt me? I tried to find the product with ONLY dxm as the active ingredient, but they didn't have any, and I didn't feel like spending nearly $15 on delsym.
    I'll be induring around 400mg of dxm, hopefully I'll have a pleasent experience !
  2. 118 ml in the bottle, failed to mention that.
  3. Downed the bottle.. terrible, terrible taste.
    Mixed it with sunny D.. I feel like throwing up at the moment, hopefully it passes.
    Wish me luck, fellas! :wave:
  4. You probably shouldve waited to get a dxm only product, what you have is basically liquid ccc's.
  5. Well, that's no good, regardless the damage has been done.
    I'm starting to feel drunkish, we'll see what happends.
  6. Alright, well it was overall a decent experience.. Next time I'm going to wait until I get gel caps.
    I want to do it again, but I'm not sure if I should wait?
    How often should I space out my dosing? Would it hurt me to try it again, tonight?
  7. You should wait, and you should get something with DXM only. People die from CPM overdoses, and you took WAY too much of it last night.

    DXM is something you should do once a month, IF that.
  8. Why did I take too much? It was only 354ml of DXM and 47ml of CPM(If my math is correct, of course).
    All I remember is throwing up, then going to lay down, getting up 5 min later, stumbled around a little bit, then laid down in my bed and felt weightless.. Not too much of any effect other than that.
  9. You took too much CPM because the normal dose is 4mg. You have to be really careful with CPM and DXM together, because they're both metabolized by the same enzyme, which can really, really fuck you up.

    Every single DXM death we know of, not counting those over 18mg/kg, was from CPM poisoning in conjunction with DXM. This is the reason Coricidin is so dangerous.

    Research what you're putting into your body.
  10. I did, and like I stated, this was all that they had without a lot of other active ingredients.
    I suppose I pushed it a bit, nothing I can do now.. Would this have caused permanent damage to my body?
  11. One time won't mess up your body

    And I don't know of any store that doesn't have DXM-only products, unless you were looking to steal it, in which case some stores keep all of the DXM-only stuff behind the counter. You should've just said "fuck it" when you noticed you couldn't get anything DXM-only. Just be careful.
  12. Thanks, lucas. :wave:
    And, all the other DXM only products I was looking for were sold out.. oddly enough.
    ASIDE the delsym, which I did not want to spend $15 on.
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