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Discussion in 'General' started by Unknown, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. Hey Guys,
    I tried DXM for the first time last night at 1:30 am, it is now 5:21 am, and I am high as a motherfucker. I cant stand up[ without getting a headrush, but the headrush stays there as i walk, or until i pass out. Its like a fucking coke buzz..I get fixated on one object and then just cant stop staring at it. My palms are sweaty as hell..i feel all grungy. but that may be due to the fact that i took a sick day yesterday and didnt shower. I have an undying urge to go forward....i don't know what it means either, i just do... I really like this. Except for the fact where i thought i was dead and took my throwing knife and cut my right leg, and my left arm repeatedly to see if i could still feel. Dead or not, i couldnt feel. The ladybugs all over my room are multiplying and brooding. I wonder if they are truely ladybugs at all, or a shell of a man who once killed for these are no cute and cuddly ladybugs, they bite your flesh and create a disgusting odor when you try to remove them. They will also take the chance to crawl under your skin if given it. So in conclusion...LADYBUGS = PURE EVIL.
  2. You gotta do less drugs
    what is the DXM shit, i never even heard of it, is 24 really that old, maybe it just wasnt a chicago thing
  3. DXM rules, in my opinion...I haven't done it in months though...damn, do I miss it.

    Hey, I have an extra bottle in the med. cabinet...hmmm....

  4. Hell yeah, it's fucking stupid.
  5. I've done DXM a few times, and would never do it again for a few reasons. One of these reasons is being that drinking cough syrup to get high is pretty lame in itself, not to mention very very bad for you in the long run.
    DXM is the main active ingredient in cough syrups such as Robotussin (robotrip), if you do it enough it may cause brain damage, not to mention that many people get highly addicted to it. Also, it is not unheard of people overdosing and dying from this "drug"
    However, if you are interested in doing DXM, try to make it an isolated incident, also you would probobaly want to smoke while you're on it. I know the only time I did it without smoking it was pretty bad and just made my entire body itch until I wanted to rip my skin off. Not pleasent.
    Bottom Line - Don't do DXM.
  6. dxm is a funass drug to take, especially if you smoke about an hour after you take it. my skin has never got itchy from dxm but it has gotten itchy poppin dimenhydramine (benadry) and theres a possibility your heart could stop from 12 benadryl, i've taken 24 though that was a lil rough.

    pure dxm/robo=fun dissociative feeling

    benadryl=some of the eirdest hallucinations ever and for me i always get small seizures for some reason. not like extreme seizures although those can happen, i usually jus get a twitch.

    yea, not to healthy
  7. fuck DXM, thats what teenage want-to-be junkies take, or when you get ripped off trying to buy xtc.

    to be honest, xtc sucks cock too.
  8. haha damn dude looks like your the one whos a wanna be, only takin the illegal drugs, wat if they legalize everything tomorrow i bet you'll quit everythin cuz it aint the "cool" thing to do anymore.
  9. I think all the people who are bashing on DXM should read this FAQ.


    This part is an especially good read.

    This is only when the user takes more than the recommended recreational dose. Read this.

    And for people who say only lamers and wannabies do DXM read this.

    You don't like it when people bash you for doing marijuana, so why do you like to harass people who do something else? To each his own.

    Plus, DXM cannot be compared to's closer to ketamine than anything else. Just because it's legal doesn't make it lame.
  10. seems interesting but i wouldn't really know how much to take and i wouldn't try unless i had the right dose.

    plus it seems that in america(where most seem to be from on here) alot of people are into dxm,opium, stuff like that but over here in ireland everyone's into drink(alot of it) cannabis, e's, coke and speed...acid is nowhere to be seen..nowhere.

    why is this?
  11. How do you take DXM?
  12. swallow it is pretty much the only way, unless u wanna burn your nose or risk injectin stuff, but swallowin it works good as hell if ya ask me.
  13. My cousin and I are interested in trying DXM, I would like to know what dosage we should take, its our first time and if you need to know weight im about 190 and he's 200.

  14. acually its just retarted to do DXM, fucking cunt.
    I smoke salvia divonrum, even though I dont have to proove myself to you...

  15. "Plus, DXM cannot be compared to's closer to ketamine than anything else. Just because it's legal doesn't make it lame."

    its lame because of all the kids who overdose taking it each year and because its cough syrup.
  16. Why is it lame because it's cough syrup? There are ways of taking it out...then it wouldn't be cough syrup anymore.

    And there's no need to call someone a "fucking cunt"...we can all agree to disagree here...if you choose not to do DXM that's fine and dandy...but how about you leave the people who like it alone? OK? Like I said before, to each his own.

    And for your information, I'm not a kid, and I enjoy DXM...I feel that it helps me learn more about myself everytime I do it.
  17. Hey Vortak, if your gonna be trying it for the first time, read up on that faq that TheHempress linked to. Its really informative and you can find out what kinda dose youll want to take.
  18. Thanks FearAndLoathing, I have been reading up on it, I am a strong believer on reading up on the drug you are taking before you do it, like marijuana, I read a lot about it before I did it and discovered it isnt as bad as they say. anyways, thanks
  19. *(edited for content)*haha and if its lame cuz its a cough syrup, i guess ketamine is lame because its a cat tranguilizer, marijuana is lame because its a bronchial dialator, and coke is lame because it is a pain killer that was once used for dental work. *(edited for content)*.

    edit: and for the one who wants to try it, my first time i just drank 1 4oz. bottle of max strength robitussin. if your gonna use any other kind of cough syrup make sure it contains only dextromethorphan hybromide, anything else can make your sick and stuff. and if your going to take pills, take 8, its not the safest but its alot easier than drinkin tussin. theres crazy ass people who have taken 32, but i've never taken more than 16 do to the risk of coma and bleeding out of body openings.

    (*Edited for content by me-*RMJL* That is not allowed here. You've been warned.)
  20. haha dont fucking threaten me *(edited for content)*haha you remind me of this "gangster" kid who told me if i didndt watch it, he was gonna "pop" me. *(edited for content)*

    The fact is in Robitussin the active ingreident is DXM. However there are other chemicals and such. Try to possibly extract the DXM and I wouldnt call you a dumbass for chugging bottles of cough syrup.

    (*Edited for content by me-*RMJL* That isn't allowed here. You've been warned.*)

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