First time DXM trip, tonight!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by theSMOGcheck, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. I have some robotussin, DXM only active ingredient in it. I used the DXM Plateau dosage calculator, and im not looking to trip my balls. maybe a little visuals, but nothing that i couldnt act off. a good good buzz. I would like to see what everyone reccomends, for my first time should i start off at the first plateau? also, on the calculator it shows a "low dose" and a "high dose" and the "reccomended" first plateau dose. which of these do i choose from? im a bit confused with it. any helps appreciated!
  2. You will only be able to have one really awesome trip from DXM... after the first time, your body like, adjusts to it or something and you can still get messed up from it, but its not the same AWESOME TRIP you can get the first time around... dont be a pussy, take enough to trip your balls off.... parts will probably be a little unpleasent but most trips are at points... just have some weed near by you can smoke if it starts getting too rough for you.... nice mellow music is a good idea too... nothing to loud... no punk rock or anything like that. have a blanket and water and anything you will need close by... you may not feel like moving around once you start tripping.
  3. i wish i could trip hard, but given my circumstances at the moment I don't think that's too safe an idea. :(
  4. we cant advise you how much to dose. and i disagree with modern hippy. dxm tolerance grows but if you do it far apart its not an issue
  5. well i took the calculators advice and took a medium first plateau dose. and yes i was reading around and everyone says to work your way up the plateaus if you don't have experience with it, so ill start off with this. ill see how it goes :]
  6. do 300mg of dxm, thats a mid 2nd plateu. trust me im a dxm vet. 300mg is perfect.. nice higgh
  7. 1-dont give dosage advice
    2-youre wrong anyways
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