first time dxm (tonight)

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  1. I picked up a bottle of extra strength robo. I'm planning on 400 mgs of dxm total.. too much? I am alone but I've done shrooms alone before and tripped just fine (though i am still a little cautious about tripping alone). Anyways give me some suggestions/tips about my dosage(i'm 6'3" 137 lbs.. believe it or not) and whatever else you can tell me about dxm.

    I'll try to keep posting in this as I go.
  2. Ill talk with ya man, but no 400mg might be a bit much for a first trip, but it wont overwhelm you if you have tripped before, if you have any questions or concerns post here, i.e getting really hot, feeling wierd.

  3. Thanks man i appreciate it:hello:.. and will do with the questions/concerns

    at 160mg right now .. though they haven't hit me yet i don't think.
  4. You don't weigh much so 400mg may be a little high unless you are experienced with dissassociatives/hallucinogens. I'd suggest trying 300mg for the first time and seeing how it affects you and if you even like it (everyone I talk to either loves it or hates it). Most importantly, make sure you are in a good mindset and in an environment that you can relax and feel comfortable in.
  5. i'm at 300mg right now feeling slightly 'drunk' but about half of it probably hasn't hit me yet. gonna wait a bit before i take any more.

  6. Thats probably a good idea, I took 480 mg my first time, and boy it did me in fast haha. Any word yet on how your feeling?
  7. You should just get a bottle of Zicam Cough Max.
    You dont even need to kno the doses rly just down one bottle heh.
    Is the high the same for all DXM Trips?
    Like Triple C's Vs. Zicam.

  8. No I believe not, Takeing robotussin gel caps, or liquid I think is a more clean high without a really long afterglow, Zicam I believe has the extended release dxm shit in it, that causes you to trip longer, and tripple c's just fuck you up, I believe its the cpm in it increases the trip.
  9. well now... i'm at 480mg... not really tripping at all but i think that's just because it hasn't hit me. i definitely feel fucking weird right now but itsall coool. gonna see how this feels then i'll see if i can post back

    and i'm looking at the monitor right now and it looks like it keeps shifting right to left as i type lolol and i'm listening to radiohead and i think i might jizz everywhere.
  10. Ya dude if u dont have a buddy dont do 2 much :p
    Buddy System!
    I did a shit ton of Zicam Cough Max on a road trip with my buddies.
    It was tight but I was so fucked up I like saw myself fall out the car door an shit.
    That shit can get 2 ya :p
    Have fun with it tho man.
    Next time do it n a moving car its so awesome.

  11. hah sounds crazy. i just wetn to the bathrom and looked at my pupils and they're fucking huge lol. i'm gonna give it another hour for this to all hit and i think i'll be peaking. im starting to trip i can tell
  12. Ya man first time is always the best :]
    I can never get a rlly good trip anymore heh.
    But u always got teh memories :p
  13. i've got body itches like crazy (worse than any opiates i've ever done) and milkdrop looks simply amazing:hello:
  14. Ya dont worry about the itching.
    My friend had that his first time.
    I didnt get it but ya lol :p
  15. So... that was fun.

    I never really achieved any open or closed eye visuals but I was definitely tripping my balls off. I'll probably try it again but I'm gonna give it a few weeks. I never threw up, but that's not to say I wasn't toilet hugging thinking that I was going to (the last half of the bottle i just straight up chugged during a paused xbox live game).

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