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First time DWC

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by izzibanjo85, Sep 6, 2021.

  1. Hi everyone, need some input or advice on my first ever DWC grow.

    I have been growing four times earlier, 3 times in standard soil and the last time i used coco + perlite.

    I am planning to make homemade bubble buckets, 10 buckets in a 5x10/300x150, the buckets will not be transparent, as i`ve heard that the roots may be getting damaged by this.

    I will be using two Flexstar 645W led lights. Link:

    The pump I will be using is Hailea HAP 100, the pump blows 100L per minute.

    I plan on using General Hydroponics nutritents. Just standard Micro, Grow, and bloom. And will also be adding CalMag.

    I am going to try to get the PH as close to 5.8 as i´ve read that is the sweetspot for hydro.

    The strain I will be growing is Gorilla Zkittlez by Barneys Farm. The seeds are already bought but from my understanding it is not the easiest strain to grow, so I will possibly buy some other strains. Any input on a great strain that grows well in hydro?

    I will be topping the plants 1, or maybe 2 times, depends on how the plants react. Use scrog netting, and defoliation 2 times.

    Should I throw a Co2 bag in the tent? What can I do to really maximize my yield?

    The main goal is to get atleast 2 pounds of good looking buds, but anything above that would be a blessing. Me and my wife have a really high consumption so this will last for around 4 months, so 4 months is what I picture the whole cycle including drying should last.

    I have a friend who have been growing DWC for many years who will be helping me to build the buckets, but he is lazy and does not touch the plants at all during the whole grow. He does not even change the water and clean the buckets during the grow. He is averaging two pounds in a similar setup that I will be using.

    Thanks for reading, and sorry for my bad english. Hope someone have any input on what I could do to get the most out of it. The only thing I already have bought is the lights, tent, and seeds. :)
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  2. Make sure your return lines are large enough so the roots do not clog them. I use 3 inch return lines to prevent overflowing when the roots clog the lines.

    Dont worry about CO2 right now, you will have enough on your hands being your first hydro grow.

    As for building your setup, make sure its light proof. Also choose to run a live or sterile environment. You will need to combat root rot unless you run a chiller. Chemicals(sterile) or bacteria(live) are used to combat this and promote root growth. I would add some hydroguard if I were you. Its a great additive to your nutrients. You can add "massive" (natural pgr) to your mix too upon entering flower. It goes well with trio series.

    In that size of a room if you do it right, and take good advice online, you will get way more than that. Id skip dwc and go strait to RDWC, which is what good bubble bucket systems try to mimic, minus the roots clogging.

    Since your building a new system, check out my profile and private message me if I dont respond on here.

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