First Time Dwc With Bubblegummer Super Lemon Haze

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    First off, I'll describe my equipment and setup :
    Gorilla Grow Tent - 2 x 2.5 x 8 ft
    Humco DWC bucket system 5 gal. - 2 buckets for the ladies and a res.
    lowryder hood
    600 watt dimmable electronic ballast with the proper bulbs from i-power
    All the necessary meters/ fluids ( ph, ppm, thermometer, etc)
    Active Air 6 in inline fan 400 cfm
     FloraNova nutes
    Instead of the famous shotglass/papertowel method, i used root riot to germinate my seeds. I diluted my root juice in filtered water to about 1/10th strength and got my riots nice and moist before i popped the seeds in.
    I started the germ on Sat, Jun 1st in a plant tray with top and placed a floro bulb right on top. Making sure the heat and humidity were in specs. Both showed taps in roughly 24/48 hours. 
    I was doing some reading this morning and evidently i planted them a little too deep. So i gently tore my riot enough so i could get to the seeds and move them up a little more. Taking extra care not to abuse that taproot.
    They are both doing fine but i was a bit surprised. When comparing taproots, the SLH was about 3 times as long and a bit girthier than the Bubblegummer. Not exactly sure if that means it has stronger genetics or what.
    That's it for now. They should be breaking the surface any day now and i'm pretty excited. Patience was never really my strong suit lol.

  2. You never know with the one plant being a little more developed then the other.  Some are slow starters, some times one can be a male or hermaphrodite, just have to wait and see.  
    So whats controlling the fan kicking on and off?  Do you have anything for certain temps or anything?  
    Any pictures just curious as to how the whole thing is looking visually.  
    Gonna hang around, good luck.
  3. I knew i'd forget to mention a few things. I do have a speed controller and a surge bar with built in timer so i have the luxury of having certain plugs constant and the rest timed :).
    I checked the girls today and it looks like they're rearing back for that big push to the surface. (They're fem seed)
    I don't quite understand what you mean about temperature. I mean, When i move them out of my bootleg hot bed and into the tent, i plan on running them between 70- 80 degrees.
    I'll see if i can find my camera and take a few shots tomorrow for you guys
  4. Well, I have pics. But it's giving me a ton of grief trying to upload them. Since when the hell is jpeg not a valid extension??
  5. The one with the white tag is the SLH.

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  6. Ok, so here's the latest pic of the ladies. I've been keeping them in the garage with no light. The temps and humidity are perfect. The Brown thing on the BG is just seed shell remnants. I'm looking for a bit of advice though. Should I just keep it the way I have been until the true leaves show, then move it into my dwc?

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  7. Ok blades, here's the latest.

    I took thos pic a few minutes ago. Everything looks healthy. However the bg decided to make a pretty big stretch last night. I really haven't kept a light on them much due to the heat in the garage. Think I'm going to switch locations and have the light on them 24/7. From what I've read, that's the reason for the stretch. It's searching for light. I was a bit worried that the bg was going to be a slow grower, but not anymore. Comments or suggestions are welcome. Peace put.


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  8. The time has come for me to move the girls into the buckets :)  I see roots sticking out of the plugs.Did a dry run earlier with the DWC to make sure there wasn't any leaks (which there were, but got fixed)
    I switched my ballast to 300W because i figure theyre still babies and i dont want to blast them with 425 off the bat. Honestly it wasnt too hard to set up my system and get it where i wanted it to be. I set the light 3 feet above my buckets and temp is holding stable at 78 with RH of 60. This is with a fan speed of about 20% :bongin:
    I rinsed my hydroton off and just set it in the netpots for now. I'm letting all that filtered water soak into them while I'm calibrating my Ph meter. They'll be in the pots tonight for sure.
    Instead of using any nutrients ( for now because they are so young), I will be using a compost tea that my local hydro shop has. It's free and has a lot of macro-nutrients that should help them along until they're old enough to get some weak nutes.
    I have a few questions about my setup, but i'll just go with it. Asking for advice is hit or miss on GC.
  9. Looking good man, I'm subbed, keep it updated :)
  10. The girlies are thriving :). I woke up and found some new growth on them both. Went to the hydro shop and bought a tiny fan to blow over them to get em nice and strong.

    Started adding nutes today as well. Ph is 5.8 and 640 ppm. Things should get interesting very soon :)

  11. Well, things sure did get interesting lol

    I was out of town for a wedding when the power went out. Luckily, I was able to get someone to reset my surge bar (the lifeline of my setup). My babies went without light for 4 hours.

    Made it home earlier this afternoon to find my root plugs dry and droopy plants. Top fed em some res water and they sprang back to life :)

  12. Picture time :)

    This is where they are now, both 20 days from seed being planted.

    The little girl is my super lemon haze. From what I read, they're notorious for slow growth during veg. But I think this is rediculous. Any ideas on how I could encourage growth?

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  13. I learned a few valuable lessons in the past few days.
    After changing my res two days ago i noticed that there were white tips on my slh, on top of the ones that were scortched already. I looked at my bubblegummer (which has been a straight up champ through all of this) and saw slight browning on her leaves too.
    So after reading post after post, it was obviously nute burn. Another sign was that both plants' new growth was very spindly and curled in. In fact, the BG's new growth was rather lopsided where as one leaf set grew larger than the other.  Weird.
    I did an emergency res change and just left  ph'd r/o water in there for the time being. I'm planning on doing a 2-3 day flush and slowly add nutes at a weaker strength. Think i'll put it at half of a 1 week feeding and see how that works.
  14. Even that could be too strong... Better to start too weak and get stronger than go too strong when nutes are concerned. Try 1/4strength of week 1 feeding? :) Just my 2c from researching a LOT around the forums haha...

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    You know, i just might do that. This super lemon haze is a motherfucker of a strain. Finicky and slow growth through veg. My bubblegummer handles 500 ppm pretty damn well. The slh, didn't like it so much. I read that slh is really sensitive to nutes.
    Wish i would have done more research before putting these strains to grow. My dilemma is that i have a fast grower paired up with a slow grower. I'm trying to make them both happy, but i think the BG will just have to take one for the team and be a bit underfed.  How's your grow doing?
    Update: I should have wiped out my buckets before adding the new water. That was my bust. My ppm's now are 350 with a 5.9ph. I'm just going to leave it alone until the next res change.
  16. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this :)
    Checked my ppm's and it dropped to 280 and ph went up .2 points.
    So, if i'm understanding this all correctly, having a lower ppm after my initial reading means that the girls are taking in the nutrients. This makes me happy. I'll check on them before i go to bed and see what i get.
  17. Yea I believe they're taking up more nutes than water... top it off with water no nutes and try and find the perfect combo when its time for feeding so instead of ppm dropping and ph rising it stays the same and the level of water goes down that means shes taking equal amounts of both nutes and water from what I've read... :)

    And as for my plant she looked ill so I transplanted her outside and germinated a new seed... new one tap rooted and got moved to rockwool bat hasn't grown at all afrer that... been at least a week I think... starting to get a little worried tbh...

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    From what i gather, rockwool has to be treated a certain way to grow anything in it.
    I want to keep my nutes low in the res so i dont scorch my lemon. She's a sensitive bitch. I already know who the culprit is for sucking up the nutes, the BG.
    My system recirculates, so i can't just up the nutes. What i'm thinking is making a 1 gal batch at a slightly higher ppm and top feeding the bg to supplement whats in the water already. That way both plants are getting the amount that suits them for now. :)
  19. So I did my res swap a few days ago and the plants are looking much better. My slh really appreciated it. The newer growth that was there turned a nice healthy hue of green compared to the neon yellow that it was. The bg perked up a bit to and is now working on its first 5 leaf set. Awwww :) .

    I dropped my ppms to 350 and a ph 6. I'll take a picture in the morning.

    So glad my little slh responded the way she did.

  20. Pic time :)

    This is the bubblegummer

    This is the super lemon haze. I hadn't cut the burned tips yet. Kinda looks sad I know, but She's actually got some color to her now.

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