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  1. I put this one in 3 days ago the pH is straight and she's rooting now. Im going to be using GH Floranova Grow and bloom. and i have 292w of cfl's and a temp of steady 75-76.

    My question is now that she has got some root about 5 inch what water level should it be. right now its only been 4 days for the reservoir to be filled, and about 3 of her roots are probably 2 to 3" in the water. The water level is about 1 1/2" below the pot

    And Second when should I start adding the Grow nutes?

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  2. Ive tried this method before and it's amazing to wacth the roots grow really fast. Keep the water level withing 2 inches from the bottom of your pot. Adding some nutrients would be a good idea since those roots are hungry. Tho I don't remember exactly i'm pretty sure that you need a lower concentration level of nutrients. In soil I use 800ppm and I think in DWC its around 600ppm tho I would double check that!
  3. As soon as the starter leaves dry up go to 1/4 strength until there are 5 leaf pairs - then 1/2 strength
  4. I have run a half a dozen cycles in bubble buckets, and I only listened to nutrient advice once. (it led to problems) Most people are scared of nutrients, they think putting in 1/4 str is safe, maybe they have burned plants before, or maybe they just read something and take it for fact.

    This has worked for me multiple times with multiple strains.... 1/2 str until the roots hit the water, then bump it up to full strength within the timespan of a week (I boost by 100ppm a day until I am full.) I have done this with one 400w MH every time and it seems to be enough light.

    I have yet to veg a plant longer than 20 days with this method as they always grow like crazy and I don't want to overgrow my room.
  5. sorry, got my posts confused, thought you had a 400w. My advice... go buy a real light, then you can process all those nutrients.
  6. Well cfls put out lumen's so im pretty sure its a real light, I know im not gonna get a massive yield, but I've seen it done plenty of time, you work with what you got right and its better than dirt.

    The starter leaves are going away as we speak and I'm on the 3rd set of leaves
  7. 1" from bottom of netcup is common practice, you baby doesnt look hungry she is nice and green, if you do ass nutes go with a 25% mix, personally id wait until she shows signs of new growth wich will be within the week, and your light will grow the plant..

    Hope this helps..
  8. ass nutes.... nom nom
  9. i am using the same stuff. just to alleviate any confusion use a quarter strength of the first dosage listed on the bottle.
  10. I run my plants from fogger to ebbflow to buckets so I start nutes when they hit the ebb table as clones in rockwool @ 750 ppm...they do far as water level goes, I would follow what the others said until u start to develop a larger root mass in late veg. At this point be sure to keep the bottom inch of the net pot submerged in solution. If there is a gap between net pot and water for roots to hang out without water u will develop cord roots which will negatively impact your harvest. GOOGLE: " heath robinson cord roots" maybe u can find some info or pics. Good luck man.

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