First Time DSLR Owner (Pentax K-X w/ 2 Lenses)

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Romain, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. I just bought a Pentax K-X DSLR a few days ago and it should be here Weds.

    It comes with a DA L 18-55mm and 55-300mm Lens.

    It was the Red body, but I got it for a good price. $559.00 Shipped, no tax.

    Was looking for any pointers or tips for a first time DSLR owner? Any accessories I should look into?

    Thanks guys :smoke:
  2. I'd recommend a battery grip (not sure if they exist for Pentax though)...
    Buy yourself a tripod if you don't have one. You will end up using it eventually. I use mine practically every time I shoot now.
    Some filters (Neutral Density (Graduated), Polarizer, and a UV (protects lens and reduces haze). Maybe a few for fun as well.

    Other than that, just have some fun with it.
  3. UPDATE:

    So I just got it in the mail..'s like a hot pink.

    Everytime I look at this camera, it's not red, it's pink. From the pictures online it looks Red, but once I opened it up to take a look at it, it def. looks to be a shade of hot pink rather than any red I've seen.

    So I'm probably going to try and get another color. I def. can't stand this color now that I've seen it with my own eyes. I don't know if I'm going to try and return it to or have to re-sell it on eBay.

    I'm wondering what is a better option though --

    Pentax K-x Digital SLR Lens Kit w/ DA L 18-55mm and 50-200mm Lens $549.00


    Pentax K-x Digital SLR Lens Kit w/ DA L 18-55mm and 55-300mm Lens $589.99

    Now I wish I wouldn't have risked it!
  4. Ok, now you have a camera. Here is the things I would get next.

    Tripod with a decent head (pick whatever type u fancy, just try to get one thats stable and easy to use, i prefer manfrotto/bogen)

    Then buy the book "In search of mountain light" by galen rowell. This book describes perfectly how to become an excellent photographer. and it is amazing to read as well.

    Get the 55-300mm lense, it probably isnt as sharp, but the extra range will be nice for you in the long run.

    Get a UV filter for your lenses to protect them, and a cleaning kit for your camera.

    The last essential is a good camera bag that will work for you. I use a vareity of different bags depending on what I am doing, but I really like my lowepro that lets me carry my camera, a lense, lunch, rainjacket, and laptop. Perfect for shooting and editing on a weekend trip or traveling, or just runnin to the coffee shop to kick it and surf the web.

    peace and pm me if you have any questions. or ask me in here but i cant promise ill find the thread ever again :p
  5. It all depends on what kind of photography you want to get into. Some will say all you'll ever need is a good wide angle (16-35mm), a nice prime (50mm), and a good telephoto (70-200). If extra length is needed, a telephoto attachment to increase the magnification can be purchased.

    If you want to get into nature (birds, animals, etc...) the 300 isn't a bad route to go. If that isn't your intention, if you just want to shoot simple landscape, people, etc... I'd stick with the 200.
  6. If your going to be taking a lot of adobe lightroom

    legitly its 90 bucks

    warez store has it for like 20 or 30

    This single program has dramatically changed my workflow.

    My old mess of scattered folders and files is now a highly streamlined machine.
    I suggest checking that out.

    Tripod for sure...makes long exposure experimenting that much better cause you dont have to go look for a ledge or wall or something to set the camera on.

    Not familiar with the pentax series or brand but if they have some type of external flash you can power through the hotshoe or through a sync.
  7. with those long lenses try to get one with image stabilization so you don't have to run such fast shutter speeds.
  8. I second Lightroom or an older Photoshop (Both if you can afford it or don't mind downloading them).

    I've been using Lightroom 3. It's absolutely incredible. It has virtually everything you need to make that good photo look great.

  9. The K-X has built in IS in the body.

    So excited! It arrives tomorrow!

    Thanks for all the help fellas :smoke:
  10. Is this your first dslr or your first slr in general, if its your first camera with a manuel option hold off on buying more stuff and learn the ins and outs of shooting manuel, a bit up someone suggested lightroom, when the time comes GET IT! but learn the camera before buying more shit.

    everyone has had good ideas so far, but the fact of the matter is, its not the camera or the tripod or the lens or the memory card or the filter or the program or the battery grip or the speed light of the fancy bag or the pocket wizard or the external hard drive that makes a photograph its the person holding the camera, once you know your tool you can make what you do easier by buying stuff but you cant make yourself better by buying stuff.
  11. ^ shoot on manual like he said..

    Now you have the camera, learn to become the camera..

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