first time doing this, they look good......but I need some INSIGHT!!!

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  1. So these are 3 weeks old, it’s my first time doing this and Ive noticed a reddening by the top fan leaves....should I worry ? Does it look fine?

    I know the red stems can be either genetics, deficiencies, and temp.... but they seem to be growing well and I don’t know if I should have any real cause for concern.....HELPPPP:confusedalt:

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  2. Nothing to worry about at this time. Although the leaves do look a bit lighter green than they should. What kind of soil is that? It looks a bit soaked (unless you just watered). The soil mix could also use some perlite to help with drainage. If they start to get even more red or purple as they get bigger, then perhaps it may be either genetics or a deficiency coming along. Just keep an eye on them for now. Just my 2 cents.
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  3. Thanks for the reply.
    And I’m using two different types of organic soil, a majority of the pot soil underneath that top soil is peat moss, coco coir, perlite, and organic fert, the top two inches you see in the pic are organic manure mixed with some wood chips
  4. No problem. I personally would add a bit more perlite to the soil when you transplant them into their final pot. Again, just a suggestion. The one thing I see now that you may want to keep an eye on are the bottom first set of true leaves. One of those seems to be yellowing/paling. If this increases and if it's an even kind of yellowing/paling of the leaves, then perhaps you may be seeing the beginning signs of nitrogen deficiency.
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  5. Should I be using nutes this young ? cause I have them on stand by rn, and I know the soil has small ratio of nutes too
  6. That's a good question lol. Reason is because I'm not familiar with what's truly in your custom soil mix. Fox Farm's soil should have the necessary nutes the plant needs for a good 2 months, maybe longer. You probably wouldn't be having nitrogen issues this soon if you were using that soil and I would probably suggest not to add any extra nutes. However, with your soil, I'm not sure how much and what's in it, etc. Plus, I ain't too familiar with organic/no til growing techniques and such. I want to say to give her like 1/4 the recommended strength (maybe less) of whatever nutes you have for her, but I don't want you to over-fertilize her either lol. Again, she looks good, but a bit on the light green side. Perhaps she needs a bit of cal-mag? nitrogen? Or hungry overall and needs perhaps some base "A" of whatever nute bottles you plan on using? So take my suggestions with a grain of salt and analyze your plant further and apply the steps you feel are best for your situation. Another thing to consider checking is the soil around the roots of the plant. Make sure the soil doesn't become too compacted that it stunts the roots. That'll slow down plant growth and deficiencies will start kicking in.

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