first time diy greenhouse grow - update - flowering

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  1. Its been crazy hot where I'm at, and these 3 ladies are all at various degrees of flowering now. They've been going strong for the most part, and have become way bigger than expected! I'm experience a significant amount of brown spotting, same leaf necrosis and yellowing which I'm not quite sure how to cure at this point. I've addressed possible cal/mag deficiencies, but so many symptoms bleed into on another that it's been hard nailing it down. I've also been dealing with a spider mite problem, and used the habanero pepper spray treatment with a lot of success. Being my first go at growing, figuring out my nut ratios has been interesting to say the least. Since its been between the high 70's and 90's where I live, I've had to water much more frequently as the are all in 5 gal smart pots. I'm just about to start leaving them in their run off to try and combat the sheer amount of water loss they experience in a given day with this heat! Smart pots lose water quicker than regular pots already, and in this heat its been even faster.

    From left to right is northern lights, critical kush, and blueberry. It's pretty clear from the pictures which ones are getting the most light! The northern lights started flowering first around the last week of july, and the critical kush followed maybe a week or so later. the blueberry on the far right has taken the longest to start flowering, probably because it's in the sun the longest?

    Any feedback would be much appreciated, as would any ideas as to how to beat the heat!

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  2. Those look very nice. Healthy too or at least in my opinion. From what I've seen it's pretty normal for the plant to start yellowing out at that stage of growth. I think it's just preparing to kick the bucket. Even with higher nutes it prob won't respond. It's putting the energy to the flowers at this point and draining whatever is left in leaves.
  3. Those look pretty for into flower, you pulling tarps?

    Everything looks great, the fade is right on track.

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