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  1. Hey GC, how's it going? So last night I bought some wax for the first time. I'm beyond excited to have found somebody where I live that makes it, as it's fairly hard to find here if you haven't lived here that long. Anyway, I was both excited and nervous to try it as I have heard stories of many people puking their first time dabbing. My girlfriend and I decided to set up in her RV, and she took her dab. She says she didn't really feel anything at first, but it slowly crept up on her. I then took mine, and decided to go with a decently sized one, and was instantly surprised at how delicious this wax tastes. It almost has a hint of chocolate to it, and it smells very sweet. I hope to find out what strain it is soon, because this stuff is absolutely amazing. Definitely going to still smoke herbs, but more than likely I'll be dabbing more often than not because it gets me so fucking high, but I can still function just fine which I love.

    My girlfriend did end up getting the spins towards the end of the night though, which sucks because we were celebrating our two year anniversary, but she loves them too which is awesome. Did any of you puke or have a fun time your first time trying dabs? Let me know! :smoking:


  2. I have buddies who puke after almostevery dab. Its the cough that gets ya. I only hurled once from dab, and that was only because i ate a really, really big sandwich five minutes before. So dont do that

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  3. Nope. No you won't. Once you start on concentrates, you stay with concentrates. It's going to skyrocket your tolerance to the point you're asking yourself "what the fuck is weed?"
    I've never had any sort of puking sensation at all...even with the oils. Personally, I don't even cough from hits because I only get medical wax, so the hits aren't harsh at all. 
    But it is pretty freaking sweet dude. It's small and compact, so you can hide it easily, and transport it easily. There's no odor if you put it in a capsule, so that's another plus. And on the go, you can use ePens, which are so easy to use, convenient, and cheaper than glass. And there is no mess, unlike with grinding/ash from smoking/dirty bong/water. And personally, again, I feel I'm actually saving money if I were to make equivalent ratios from wax to weed. Just a little crumble can get me going, while it may take .5g with bud. And vapor, along with the smell, disperses more quickly than the smoke from combusting plant matter. It's a sweet life dude.
  4. That's what I hear, but we'll see! Ha ha. But I already know exactly what you mean. My girl and I both have a couple of vape pens for concentrates that we haven't gotten to use yet, but plan to in the near future. Do the pens still rip pretty good? I've heard mixed opinions about them for sure. But thanks for the kind words man!
  5. Oh definitely, it's all the same when you combust it right. My pens go up to 550 degrees. Most pens can easily manage 380, which is more than enough for dabs. 
  6. Sounds awesome, can't wait to try it out! :smoke:
  7. I can only see you puking from dabs if the oil isn't purged right, I barley even cough from the oil I make.
  8. come on man no need to lie everybody coughs every now and then. one of my buddys goes through a gram a day of "medical wax" and coughs every time i see him lol unless you're taking .005 dabs i can't see how you don't cough. 
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    I swear dude. I'm not trying to be one of those guys trying to act cool or anything. I don't look down on anyone that coughs, whether a casual user or long-time toker. I cough nearly every time smoking the herb. I used to have asthma too. Plus, its not I'm "immune" to dabs, that's not what I said. Oils definitely get me huffin and puffin.
    BUT, well-made >medical wax< on my ePen (not glass) literally never makes me cough. While I might get that sensation, I can control my cough, unlike with any other form of marijuana.
    Edit: He smokes a whole gram of dabs a day? Da fuq? Now that's a lie...
  10. I never puked for my first dab but I almost passed out upon taking it. Buddy didn't hit the wax quite right on the nail, so I didn't really get the whole hit till I was almost out of breath. Soooo fun though. I wish I could get a hold of wax around here tbh. Mmm

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  11. I almost threw up the first time I did dabs. I did two and then stood up way too fucking fast. Got light headed and dizzy. All I had to do was sit down for a minute. That was the only time I felt like I was going to puke from dabs.

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  12. Glad you had a fun time for your first dab. Concentrates bring some high tolerance so don't smoke it so fast. The dopamine will be less and less as you dab and dab. Dopamine is the "high".

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