First time Dab Pen user. Need help

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  1. Grasscity!
    Hello, I am in need of your wisdom. I've done about 50 google searches and most of them lead me here so I figured I'd post here with my questions. I just got a DabOTG pen and I'm completely new to this whole vape / dab / hash / wtf scene so I need some guidence. 
    First off - I'm 29 yrs old 170lbs male who smokes about 1 - 2x a week. I usually smoke about .2 - .5 grams per sitting. I live in WA (yah legal weed!) and have access to a dispensary. 
    Here's a link to the product :
    Here's a link to my dispensary:
    Here are my questions:.
    1. )How the f*** do I use this DabOTG pen? It looks like it came from a different planet.
    2.) What do I put in here? Bubble hash? Oil? BHO? There's nothing on my dispensary site that just says "Wax"
    3.) How many hits do I get per load? How many hits should I take per load? Will this fuck me up?
    4.) Any things else I need to know?
    Thanks for your help. Any advice / suggestions / wisdom appreciated. 


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