First time cuttings

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  1. First time I've done cuttings and I've done them at 45 degree angle and split the stem their in coco mix soil with bottles over the top as incubators. Not really sure if they need to be in light or darkness
  2. Rooting gel or powder been used? Asking as I too need to take cuttings was told needed that

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  3. Yes I've used powder but I've heard rooting gel is best
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  4. Aloe Vera plant fingers (dip in a cut finger)work well too..(old hippy stuff:))
    Lots of vids on it (Utube)
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  5. The cuttings need to be in light (I use 24hr) and gel or powder works fine. IMO, I would use rockwool cubes over coco though.
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  6. Does anyone no how long roots take to come through I've got them under 15w light for 24hr is that right???
  7. all depends on a bunch of things..strain, how old when cuttings were taken, method of cloning..etc etc.
    Best I saw with the cloner was in 7 days..10 days directly in soil ..always dipping in aloe fingers!
  8. 10 day-14 to be ready for transplant is pretty normal. Spray them to keep humidity high and cover them with a dome. They'll feed through the leaves at first.
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