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    I'm growing two beautiful Purple Punch and Pink Panties seeds and I'm already seeing some purple coloration on the first pedals and a little on the first set of single leaves. I've looked everywhere trying to trouble shoot the problem, but I'm unsure if this is normal for these genetics or what.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards, Spidey
    20190814_150636.jpg 20190814_150713.jpg
  2. hey there Spidey, welcome to GC :)
    So looking at the plant I would recommend that (in the future) when you transplant, use a 40/60 perlite to soil mixture to facilitate drainage.
    The seedlings look like they are stretching, which suggests that there isn't enough light, so you can bring the light closer by a few inches (I would maybe decrease the distance by an inch a day for a while).
    Are you using a pH and/or EC meters to accurately gauge the amount of nutrients and that they are at a proper pH? I normally check the solution's pH and the runoff's pH. I record this information each day and use it to determine the next solution's pH and EC.
    You WILL need to spend more time learning, I suggest this thread for starters:
    Mick's Coco - K.I.S.S. - Scrog Method
    excellent writeup from Mick Foster ;)
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    Yeah, I do all of that besides nutes. They sprouted pretty high from the first 24 hours of darkness when I put them in soil.

    Thanks for the welcome!

    That soil is also 100% organic fertilizer from a nursey, my friend that has been doing landscaping for 20+ years has. I haven't started a nutes schedule yet since they're only a week old. Besides the possibility of stretching is there anything possibly wrong with it? Should I start a small nutes schedule to them?

    Regards, Spidey
  4. An organic mix shouldn't need nutes, but if its too hot or too lean, then you will have deficiencies or toxicities affecting the plant. Give it time, a small seedling like that only really needs water, and proper ph,... and a lower EC (dilute feed).
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  5. if your using amended and composted soil with organic matter then checking ph is not needed.
    (this does not mean all soil)
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    Thanks for the feed back guys! I surely will put it to good use.
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  7. Hey, so update. The purple coloration in the other pics was the lighting and flash. Looked convincing enough. Day 10 oldest plant. It looks fine right? Just want to make sure I'm all good. I see some different shades of green. I'm probably being a hypochondriac for my seedlings but yeah. Haha 20190817_154028.jpg
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    So, I add added a very small dose of some organic nutes into the mix to see if that would sprout them up a bit and it definitely accelerated the growth of my plant. I'm just worried for the darkened and yellowing leaves near the bottom and the curling of leaves around new growth.

    From what I've been reading is that it could be N tox since it's starting from the bottom or just preexisting heat stress + it adding to the new growth, but my tent is about 77-80°F and around 55-75 percent RH.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you! :)

    I added the nutes due to this change in the bottom set of leafs and noticed the curling today. 20190821_142357.jpg
  9. They look fine. They do not need nutrients at this young age. Let em do their thing.
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    Yoo, why is my plant wilting, turning dead and have holes in it?

    Is this heat stress from the light or is it just from the overall environment? I've noticed it's been hitting like 86° lately. Getting something to fix that soon.

    So, yeah. I'm assuming heat stress but idk.

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