First time cultivator, need help!

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  1. Hello. Im a first time cultivator, so go easy on me.
    I decided a while back that i would try to grow, and started doing so with minimal supplies. The Ladies all looked healthy until just recently. We have problem with spider mites that we are trying our hardest to solve. (any help with that is appreciated!), but my main concern is with some wilting and discoloring of some of the leaves, particularly the fan leaves. If anyone can help, Id appreciate it big time.

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  2. What's the pH. Have you been giving her nutes?
  3. yeah, we've been doing three days with nutes and two with water since flowering. You think we threw off the PH?
  4. yeah bro, you deff. have spider mites. i have had tremendous success with azamax for these.

    are you growing hydro?

    it looks like you have a phosphorus def, calmag def, and possibly a possibly a potassium def. dont add these all at once, though.
  5. no, no hydro, just soil. What kind of nutes should we be using at this point, and what can we do to bring them back?
  6. You have to be careful in the last month of flowering that you don't dump too much stuff onto your plants because you might dump the wrong thing on there.... If you like bottles of nutes, find a flowering formula (also called bloom formula) and feed 3/4 strength at 6.5 ph along with cal-mag in the same water. Most varieties made for pot are the same as each other, just use what you have. If you like the natural stuff, go find some liquid kelp. Add full strength, it's fantastic for flowering plants. Use it every watering. Check your ph, it's most likely off. Leaves do fall off in flowering, it is normal, it's more a case of when in flowering they start to drop off...if it's too early it's not good.

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