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  1. Cmon guys. You know you all remember this from back in middle school (or maybe even elementary or highschool for a few) when you first came and were all like HOLY SHIT. :eek:
    I just remember thinking HOLY SHIT IMMA MAN NOW:D then running to the bathroom, cleaning off, and trying to take a piss but it wouldn't come out ahahaha. Oh the good times guys:hello:. Anybody have a lovely story to tell?
  2. Ummm... I'll just say that I spent a good 30 minutes afterward cleaning off my desk drawers.

    It went everywhere.
  3. The only thing worth mentioning about mine is that it was at church. lol

    A far better story is the time I had been rocking climbing all day and after getting back decided to have a little quality time with myself. I don't know how you guys handle your shit but I pinch mine off and then go put it in a toilet when I'm done. The problem that day was that my forearms were so pumped from climbing that I couldn't completely pinch it off. All I managed to do was put it under pressure. That shit sprayed all over the ceiling and rained down on me, my computer, my bed. Damn near everything in the room. All I could do was laugh. lol

  4. Pinch it? I don't get it. You pinch the tip of your dick?.... ouch

  5. Well, not exactly. I guess a better way to say it is that I squeeze the whole thing so semen can't exit. Then I get up and let it go in a toilet.
  6. i put my dick up to my jacuzzi jets and it kept feeling really good. i musta came about 10 different times under the water before i realized i was actually cumming.

    then i went to my bed and jerked off the normal way once i realized.
  7. The first time I came I was 11. But there was very little, I almost didn't notice
  8. I had a raging hard on one night in 7th or 8th grade, I went to the bathroom and started rubbing my dick against my leg. I remember thinking "Oh my god this feels so good, I don't know whats happening but I'm gonna keep doing it!" so I kept rubbing, and after about 10-15 minutes, BOOM! I was like WTF is that and why did it come out of my dick?

    I spent the next day wondering what happened that night, and eventually came to the conclusion that I was masturbating, but I did it wrong. So I tried the "normal" way and enjoyed it more.
  9. LOL how do you get away with jackin it at church?

  10. I've had sex in a church.

    Twice. It's not too difficult.
  11. Really? I've been an atheist my whole life so i guess i overestimate the severity of such actions
  12. I was 9 when i first came. I just started to fondle myself and eventually it got violent.
    That's when i was like BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE
  13. I was in the 5th grade. I had to sleep downstairs in the living room one night because I think my room was being used or something. Anyways i turned on the tv and saw pornotopia on and there was a hot lesbian 3some on a couch. Instinct took over and I stopped jacking it once i felt it coming and I got so scared i didnt know wtf was going on. Then it happend and i was like :hello:
  14. I was probably 11-12 when it happened for me. I was up late one night and happened to catch an episode of The Cindy Margolis Show (for those who remember, it was a crappy show). They were doing their bikini contest segment, and my hand just made its way down to my boner, started running up and down the bad boy, and within about twelve minutes I started feeling like I had to hit the bathroom really badly.

    Unfortunately, I didn't have my own bathroom at the time. So I had to run down the hall butt-naked, rush into the bathroom, lock the door, and all this white, runny liquid starting shooting out. I almost thought I was going to die, or had some sort of syphilis.

    However, thanks to Google, I learned that this was masturbation. And that it was all I would ever need.
  15. Maneeeee I remember jackin it back in the day before cum even came out. Gotdamn mane :cool:

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