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  1. So I just started these under this new setup. I have two vegging in buckets and about 5 more sprouting in cups. I know the foil is bad, but can anyone explain why? I'm not looking for massive yields or the dankest buds around, but don't wanna fuck it all up too bad. Also, the sprouts seem to explode out of the dirt and get verrrry spindly and topple over at about 3 inches... Any advice? They are about 3 inches from the flouros.

    Current setup
    2 t8 6500k 32w tubes with hood
    2 smaller grow light flouros
    Oscilating heater set on 75F

    Currently the two in the buckets are running 18/6(too soon?) The plants are also growing in miracle grow soil.. Can someone explain why is also bad? Anything else I'm doing wrong/can do better?

    Thanks in advance.. See pictures for clarity

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  2. The main light is now about 6 inches lower. And the sprout cups are actually alot closer to the two light strips than it appears in the last picture
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    weak light causes stretching i would keep fluorescent tubes 2 inches above. if ur gonna grow complete plants under fluorescents i would look into cfls. i just picked up a 125 watt cfl hood socket and bulb for bout 60 bucks.puts out a good amount of light for smaller plants and is more compact then the tubes. i never use miracle grow garbage. ive been using a soil called happy frog and love it! u can also add more soil to buckets to cover the stem and support them a bit
  4. Thanks for the info.. Anyone else?
  5. Bump for help
  6. I think its a good start. a cfl for each plant would probably help to. looks like a very clean grow area. will continue to follow this one. check mine out in the sig.

  7. Hey man setup looks good. First I'll answer your 2 questions in bold. Tin foil is bad because its creates heatspots which can harm the plants, also when it gets crinkled it is MUCH less efficient at relfecting light, which is a problem when it doesnt refelct much light in the first place. Next miracle grow soil is bad for plants because it does not drain well and the time release ferts are WAAY to strong for the plants as well giving them to early.

    You will need a lot more light then what you have. aim for 100 watts for the first plant and 50watts for every plant after that.

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