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  1. Is know it's normal for bottom leaves to yellow and die off, but only the very top growth section is green with crisp tips.

    The two clones I have were started about 7-10 days ago and I still don't see any roots on the sides of the soil. I have had them out of the humidity dome for about 5 days so they have some roots, right?

    I'll try to get pix in a lil while

    Any help would be awesome thx

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  2. This is why I use a bubble cloner. Do I have roots? Hold on, let me just look.... But then, I don't touch soil. Period.
  3. You need to make sure they are in high humidity domes until they have roots to take in water.

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  4. OP I just use jiffy pellets and that's it... and water with plain tap water... I have high humidity as it is so I don't add a dome or I'll screw around and get mold... I just water as needed and depending on the strain I'll have rooted clones within 1-3 weeks and my plants will stay perfectly green the whole time without curing the leaves in half or anything like that... they'll look just like when they came off the plant.

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