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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by A-Jay, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Okay so I have this single (unfortunately only 1 out of 11 seeds :( sprouted) plant. It's growing like mad though! Nice thick stem and very healthy looking.

    Lighting: Still under fluro's (89 watts, I'll switch to 600 W HPS soon I think)
    Soil: unverted soil, nothing added.
    Length: 8"+
    Strain: 87% sativa (Durban Posion X Skunk)

    Anyway because I got only one plant I figured I should be taking clones. I did do my research but I still got some questions...

    There are two methods if I'm correct:
    Before the plant shows Sex and after the plant shows Sex.

    Will the clones always have the same sex as the mother? If so I'd might wanna wait till it does show... What do you guys suggest I should do?

    Most recent picture:

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  2. And the entire plant:

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  3. HIGH All, hey A-Jay nice pic!!!! We takes clones a week into 12/12...we found they take a little faster (ours anyway). You should know the sex of the plant by then.

    Edit: and yes the same (clone) as the plant you took it O.F.F.F.
  4. Alright, so you should know the sex before even thinking about cloning.

    You think it will be a suitable plant for cloning? And I also read stuff about adding ferts to make her a better mother?
  5. HIGH All, no I was saying wait till you turn the plant onto 12/12 (flowering) and in that first week take clones. Sure it looks like it'll be a good it Feminised? Only Mother Nature decides what you have my friend.

  6. Not feminized...that's why I was so curious. But my point was: will clones from a female be automaticly female? From your asnwer I can conclude that they do.
  7. HIGH All, yes the same...exactly.

    All the ((((((((((Female Karma))))))))))) going to your baby A-Jay.
  8. Thanks man :)

    What about fertalizers? No experience at all with them. I was kinda thinking as long as it looks good I won't add anything. Or should I?
  9. HIGH All, next week I'd add some weak have an idea right? And make sure you do it 1/4 the strength of what the manufacturer says at first...then as you feed...up the strength.
  10. A-jay youre going to have to fert youre plant right upto 2 weeks befor you pull her....just use a grow fert with higher N to start of with when you go to flower you want something with a NPK 10/40/20.or simular......thats from young plant to flower to harvest......for a mother im not to sure as ive never kept a guess shes still going to need of the ways you can tell if youre plant needs foo or fert is yellowing of the bottom leaves....

    laters jay
  11. Okay I'll get my lazy ass to the growshop tomorrow for some ferts. The leaves are not yellow (yet), they have a nice dark-green collor. So I'm gonna be real easy on the ferts there, maybe start of with 1/8 instead of 1/4.

    Yesterday I put the plant under the HPS, 10"+ now...grow baby grow! Think I'll start flowering at 14-16" This baby is going to get big! :D
  12. Today my plant (i think) showed some preflowers, but they are still too small to determine the sex. Plant is bushing good and I could be taking clones I think. I will still wait for a little while, because the top new leafs are getting yellow leaftips...uhoh. Still not sure what is causing this, but I think I should give it some ferts, hasn't got any yet. Also I should be getting some ph-down, using tap water now at the moment....bad I know. Anyway here's some new pics. What do you guys think? Take clones now or wait a little longer?

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  13. entire plant....14"...

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  14. I'm not sure about the yellowing. But I think you're on the right track, it might need some ferts. I'd definately get on to ferting if I was you.

    Another I would be as soon as possible, like today. Is flower that bitch. You didn't say if you had already switched over to flowering or not, but if you haven't do it quickly. If it's over a foot tall now and 87% sativa you better get to it. I mean it's going to get HUGE.

    If you haven't flowered, then start. If you haven't hit it with ferts, hit it with them. And you might want to try a little lst on that, just to keep it shorter. It's going to be huge man. Consider your plant a great dane puppy, it's going to grow insanely fast, and get real big real quick. Get yourself prepared.

    Just my 2 cents. -0tto

    P.S. Good luck buddy. I hope you harvest 20 ounces from it.
  15. Tall = more buds :D But I think you're right I should put it into to flower. Don't want to end up with a 10 feet plant. But about the ferts...should add fert and then flower or can I flower right away...if so I'll switch 12/12 tonight perhaps..or I could wait a couple of days get the ferts and then flower...But that's a week more total I guess..Really not sure what ferts to get now. Should I go for high N or P? I was thinking to give her one N boost and then fert like you normally fert a flowering plant (High P value). Still got some more research to do on it though..
  16. Just gotta say, thats a sexy plant.
  17. If you're a week away from flowering, I'd just buy a flower (high-P) fert. Most of them will have N anyway (I've got some 5-10-5 for flowering plants), I doubt it's worth the cost for two bottles -- unless you were going to do another grow after this and would want to fert with high-N during veg.

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