first time cloning help please

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  1. Hey guys, it's my first time cloning I'm hopping you guys can give me some advise here,

    Im using jiffy pellets, party cups, plastic Wrap, elastic, roots gel, and mg 15.30.15 powder.

    So I'm gonna soak the pellets over night so they are saturated, in water with a little boom fert mixed in, a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, then let em drip a Lil before putting them each in their own party cup with plastic wrap so they are petty much fully soaked. Cuttings about 4 inches long in each with rootgel, misted with water mixed with a Lil hydrogen peroxide, mist once a day under t5 florescents about a foot away from clones.

    How does this sound any big mistakes?
  2. I just use ph water and clonex....cut at 45....scrape the stem....dip....then carefully place in jif only takes about a 1/2 hour to an hour for the plugs to be soaked....then I let them sit on a bath towel for 10-20 minutes to get rid of excess water. I don't mist the actual clone either...just the dome lid. I use to be a die hard powder guy but found for 4 times the price I use 10 times less root compound.
    Good luck.
  3. No fertilizer when rooting i use straight water in an aerocloner. i get roots in 5-7 days. I mist with Ph water at 100ppm every other day. I wouldnt recommend misting everyday
  4. I've never heard of Ph water is it necessary or Will tap water be ok?
  5. I've never heard of Ph water is it necessary or Will tap water be ok?
  6. you dont have to ph since there is no nute absorption but I would still use ro or spring water before tap..all they need is warmth and low light
  7. Ph is just checking the distilled tap water to make sure its not to high or low.....minerals in your tap water are absorbed most effectively between 5.5 and 7....USUALLY that's what it is right out of the faucet. If its a dry or high alkaline area its best to just go buy a jug of water. And yes clonex does have Nutes in it that need to be absorbed.
  8. Alright, so I'll use bottled water, and root gel, and mist every 2 days, any thing I'm missing here?
  9. Be patient and give them time to may have some root fast and some may take weeks......don't throw them away till they look horrible.....I have a habit of, if they are taking too long they get tossed.....but I do A LOT of them.
  10. 200$ vs. 20$ donate 3 clones to a friend and it pays for the jel,plugs,dome,razorblade and jug of water.
  11. 30 sight ez cloner paid for itself on the first run.. roots looked like prehistoric fish bones,,
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  12. much better results in rockwool. very little clonex gel.yes bottled h20 is better then tap.rooting tray and spraying[.only if wilting].small t-5 lighting?  heating pad ?,most cuts will root in 7 to 18 days...
  13. If you don't have one, get yourself a tall 10" clear humidity dome with tray - they are ten dollars at the grow store.

    Fill a 16 oz keg/beer cup with 90% ProMix and 10% worm castings; wet it thoroughly. Take your cuttings, leaving enough room on the stem to cut off at least one side branch or leaf on the bottom of your stem; this is where your roots have the best chance to come out of. Once you cut the clone with a razor drop it into a cup of water for a few minutes to soak the stem. FYI I use clear tap (well) water - no rooting hormones/powders or gels - they are simply not necessary.

    Once your cup is full of your wetted medium, cover the top with a piece of tinfoil tightly around the top. Using a sharp pencil, make a hole straight down trough the tinfoil and into the soaked medium and drop your clone into this hole. Make sure there is a hole at the bottom of your cup to allow any excess water to drain out. Put the cups/clones into the clear rooting dome under a fluorescent light and just walk away for 10-14 days. When you come back they will have roots. They will probably have some roots sooner than this but just leave them alone and let them establish in the dome. You don't need to water them or most them - just leave them alone and done touch them. The humidity dome will take care of the humidity and the tinfoil will keep the medium perfectly moist - guaranteed.

    It's that simple and cheap. No extra products necessary - I've been cloning like this for a long time.

    The 10% worm castings will give you everything you need for nutrition once roots poke their heads out. No need to do anything until you transplant into your next size container.

    A beer cup full of wetted ProMix/castings covered in foil, make a small hole, drop the clone in, put them in your dome and walk away.


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